Wednesday, December 07, 2011

One Year Web Hosting Giveaway Winner

Hello everyone! This is the moment some of you have been waiting for. I hope after this giveaway, no one would go unfollowing and stuff. LOL. There are some people who do that and then follow back again once I have a new giveaway. Haha!

Anyway, Thanks for the people who joined and promoted this giveaway. You're very much appreciated. First of all I would want to congratulate Jackie of The Narcissus Project for winning the additional 5 entries.

Here's her answer:

I blog because it's therapeutic. It lets me express myself, and share a part of myself to the world. I've always been shy and closed off in real life. It's one of the few places where I feel completely free to be as nerdy or geeky or shallow as I want to be without worrying about what others will think. The blogger communities are very supportive as well so through blogging and people's acceptance and friendliness,, I get to discover who I am and have the courage to show it in real life, too.

I chose her answer because I believe blogging is not just about writing about your thoughts and feeding the information to people. Blogging will help us get to know ourselves more and develop our personality. It will give us courage to face other people and where we can feel completely free to just be ourselves; of course, provided that we think first before we post something, right? :)

But, this is a raffle and the additional five entries may have increased her chances of winning, but it doesn't mean that she'd be the winner already. The winner for my ONE YEAR WEB STARTER HOSTING PLAN GIVEAWAY is:

Congrats to the Fit and Fashion Mom for winning this giveaway! Please wait for my email for further instructions.

I am having another giveaway soon, but this time, beauty products and cosmetics are up for grabs. Who is excited? Tell me all about it at the comments section below and congratulate the Fit and Fashion Mom / Air. Till next post! :)


I would love to know your thoughts!

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