Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Props Tools and Cosmetics!

I have just started blogging this year yet things have already been amazing and it's all because of the support and trust given to me by my blogger friends and some brands which I have also been supporting. One of these brands is the local makeup brand, Props Tools and Cosmetics. And this post is dedicated to them because they just turned one year old! Happy Birthday Props!

Well, because they're a year older now, instead of them asking for gifts, they'd be giving gifts to everyone. Let me share 'em to you:

1. From December 05, 2011 to January 05, 2012, they'd be giving FREE SHIPPING TO ALL ONLINE ORDERS worth P500+

2. Purchases at least P1,500 worth of Props Tools and Cosmetics will get a FREE HD BLENDING SPONGE

3. The last batch of Pros for Props for 2011 will be on the 17th of December at Citrusnap Studio from 1:30PM. The luck ten participants of this batch gets BIG GIFT CERTIFICATES valid for their next purchase. Text 09157087160 for more details.

4. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and get an automatic 10% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. Discounts cannot be combined with free shipping.

5. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Because Props is more generous than you think, you will GET 15% OFF instead of the 10% if you do #4 and type: SANTABABY at the discount code area. This discount is valid for another until the 5th of March, 2012 and in order to still get the   FREE HD BLENDING SPONGE make sure your discounted total is still woth P1,500.

Thank you Props for these awesome deals and promos. What more can you ask for, right? If you're ordering, no need to leave You can just click this link: or the one at the sidebar saying: Shop at Props Tools and Cosmetics.

Till next post! :)


  1. I should tell my girl about this :-)

  2. 390 for that cute sponge? really nice :)

  3. I just purchased my first set of makeup brushes and a huge e/s palette from them last week using my Ensogo vouchers. Planning on buying more probably this week for my mom who loves cosmetics too. I can't wait! Thanks for sharing about the promos. :)

  4. @Alwin - You should or maybe you can just buy for her, as a Christmas gift. :)

    @Rochelle - Yupyup. I wanna have the blending sponge too. Been reading good reviews about blending sponges. :)

    @blankPixels - No prob! Hope you can fully maximize their Holiday promo! :)

  5. The eye shadow palettes are really nice. Will probably order within the week. Bookmarked your shop already :)

  6. The colors are so cute! I'm not into make-up much since I don;t know how to apply it, but come new year, I would like to learn. Bookmarking your site!

  7. I wish I could make use of my make up collection but I guess I need to study how to apply first. ;) make up stores are like candy stores for me! I end up buying alot whenever I see bargains.. Someone should teach me how to apply properly! :D

  8. kewl! another girly stuff for my chopstick (gf) :P


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