Monday, April 23, 2012

"I am Beautiful and I Can Rock The World" Contest & Giveaway

Hey everyone! It has been a pretty tough and busy month for me and will still be until May ends. But I'm not complaining. I'm just sharing. Hahaha! Anyway, you know I often host giveaways and let me tell you again why I've been giving so many stuff - it's all because of my readers, blog followers and blogger friends. You see, without you guys, So Gelleesh won't be getting this much support so thank you from the bottom of my heart. This giveaway is my way of thanking everyone.

So this giveaway is not just a simple giveaway. I have two loots for you and this you would surely like. Some people may get a bit lazy on doing this giveaway but I believe most beauty bloggers will be challenged to do this. I mean, if there's a blog contest like this, I'd definitely join. I'm not very lucky with raffled giveaways but in blogging, I might have a chance. So here are the mechanics for the giveaway. Be sure to read carefully, okay?

1. Create a blog post with the theme of: "I am Beautiful and I Can Rock The World."
2. Make sure to include in your blog post as the host of the giveaway and and as the sponsors of this giveaway. Put these links in any part of the blog post. Be creative!
3. To enter, just fill-up the Rafflecopter form below
4. The winner of this contest will be chosen by our guest judge bloggers: Jen (, Kai (, Aya (, Jes ( and Gie ( They are a mix of fashion and beauty bloggers so they'd understand what your blog post is about.
5. Winner will receive Beauty Loot #1 and his/her blog post will be featured in So Gelleesh.

But wait, there's more! I would be giving  Beauty Loot #2 as a consolation prize and will draw the winner via Rafflecopter. So you see, you've got two chances of winning. If you're more of a writer, go write the blog post and if you're still feeling lucky, go with the raffle. To register your blog post entry, just follow the Rafflecopter format. Once you're done with the blog post, you're automatically included in the giveaway. It's just a matter of how many of the instructions you're willing to do to get more entries and win Beauty Loot #2. So, let's start?
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Easy, right? I hope you like the two Beauty Loots and continue the love and support for So Gelleesh. Definitely more giveaways and innovative contests to come. This giveaway will end  on June 09, 2012. But I'd be on travel by then 'cos I might go to Baler on the said date so just take it easy 'cos once I'm back, I'd announce the winners by then. Enjoy, everyone!


  1. For me the most beautiful person is Audrey Hepburn, I love the simplicity of her look and her starred movies are every women's dream.

  2. blog, likes, follow.

    the most beautiful person in my life is my grand daughter she make me laugh and enjoy her growing up years

  3. For me the most beautiful person is My Mother.. Mrs.Aqeela Tariq...
    I love her nature,the way she is....

  4. My the most beautiI love my mother because she is understanding.She wakes up early in the morning with a smile
    she is kind to others.
    she is always there for me.
    she is my best friend.
    she is the best mom ever.
    she is a gift from God.ful person is My Mother :)
    i love you mom:)

  5. My mother is the most beautiful in my life because she passed on her genes to me. I'm as tough as she is when it comes to surviving life.

  6. My mother is the most beautiful person for me, because she strong and and best mom ever.

  7. my mom, mom-in-law and grandmother are the most beautiful ladies in my life <3 they gave me inspiration on how to deal with life and men in my life hehe
    they have sense of humor that keeps life enjoyable despite of hardship and trial.
    thanks for this giveaway <3

    1. edited my blog entry: :)

  8. My baby girl Gene Colyn is the most beautiful person in my life because god gave her to me.

  9. My mom is the most beautiful person in my life because she's a very strong & God fearing person. She's my inspiration & hope in life.

  10. The most beautiful person in my life is my Nanay Myrna without her I wouldn't be here. Advance happy mother's day to my "nanay" and to your mom Ms. Gelleesh and to all the mothers out there! :)

  11. The most beautiful woman for me is of course, my mom. Not only is she one of the people who brought me to this world, but she filled my life with such care and love and made me what I am today. I love her so much! :)

  12. The most beautiful person in my life is my soon to be husband, Jeff Aguirre. Why? Because he came to my life at the perfect time when I'm already ready to give love another try (came from a broken engagement). He showed me that I could still be love and that the right man is just there and that it is him. Now, in months time, we're getting married!

  13. The most beautiful person in my life is my mother because without her i am not here .. i love my mom!

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  15. My mom is the most beautiful person in my life because she raised me well all my life!


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