Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take the OxRyd 3-Day Challenge

Losing weight is kind of a hard thing to maintain with my lifestyle choice. Eating kind of becomes a stress-reliever for me and I am pretty much aware that it's not a very nice habit. I have no excuses. I just lack discipline. I have told everyone like a gazillion times how I'm gonna be starting my diet but after a week or two and losing a few pounds, I go back to my old routine and I just dunno how. Thus, I gave up and I'm willing to get help so I asked Rae of http://scatterbrainadventures.blogspot.com/ if I could join their Project Fit and Toned Support Group. After I come back from my Cebu trip. I'd start with my posts about it which includes my new diet and stuff about losing weight THE RIGHT WAY. So better watch out for that new segment in my blog soon.

Anyway, what does that have to do with the OxRyd 3-Day Challenge, you ask? I'm planning to include OxRyd in my diet. A lot of you might be wondering what OxRyd is, right? Well, let me introduce to you how I met OxRyd and why I'm really interested in doing this 3-Day Challenge.

During the Reebok Experience Zone where they introduced Crossfit and their new Reebok Realflex, one of the event's sponsors is OxRyd. Everyone there was drinking OxRyd and so I had to grab a bottle and try it out for myself. Initially I was thinking that it will taste like propel or other drinks which promises to give you more energy and stuff; but I was surprised becasue it really just tastes like water! Hey, nothing wrong with that. It's actually more of a plus because this product has got good promises but at the same time you can totally drink it everyday because it's just water with a twist! 

OxRyd is oxygen rich water which acts as a catalystin burning and excreting unnecessary body flats by regulating your body's metabolism while maintaning sufficient energy levels. With this drink, our body toxins and other useless substances are destroyed by oxygen out of our system. You see, oxygen is a powerful detoxifier and when it is deficient, toxins begin  to devastate bodily functions and deplete the body of life giving energy.

The OxRyd 3-Day Challenge dares you to drink nothing like OxRyd for three straight days and you'd instantly feel the difference of drinking oxygen rich water from regular water. OxRyd helps you hydrate, detoxify, and regenerate your body for a healthier you. Awesome, right?

I'm interested on taking the OxRyd 3-Day challenge once I get back from my Cebu trip and back on my feet to do some extra stuff. Can I have some suggestions as to what kind of diet should I incorporate with this and what kind of exercise routine will be fit for my lifestyle. I have a full-time work and I have an injured knee. Boo! ): Share your thoughts and tips at the comments section below, please.

BTW, for more information about OxRyd and its 3-Day Challenge, you can LIKE them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/OxRyd/206936792668134. Thanks, guys and cheers to a healthier us!


  1. I suggest eat more veggies and fruits and stay away from sodas for a while. I actually lost a lot of weight just by staying away from sodas for a month.

    For exercise you can go for Zumba since its easy and fun as well..you can also try yoga or pilates, both exercises actually help our body especially when you have knee problems.

    Much Love!

    -- Alice

  2. Interesting! I will stay tuned to see how it goes. I want to have more energy, too. ^^

  3. Good luck with this challenge Gellie! kaya mo yan! 2012 is all about being healthy! I am eating and living healthier this year too. :)

  4. im also thinking of eating healthy, i was so thin when i didnt drink softdrinks, i have to stop drinking them soon T^T

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  5. i also heard that it helps to delay aging .. WOW .. interesting .. i'll give it a try

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