Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travel Diary: Gelleesh Visits Cebu (Day Three)

80's beybeh! :P
My Day three in Cebu started off exactly when at 12midnight. Why, you ask? Because I was up all night editing the recap video to be shown on the third day. I slept past 3AM but at 2:30, it was Dave's turn to edit the video and after him it was Ma'am Maris' turn.  I woke up at 6AM and went back to my room to take a bath and then have breakfast. Okay, this may sound all boring to you but believe me, this was the second best day of my stay in Cebu. Just continue reading and you'll understand why. (Warning: Picture Heavy Post)

Breakout session comes next wherein we are assigned to different talks. I was assigned to listen for the Pamilyang OK talk but I wasn't able to listen to the talk because Dave and I had to shoot some random clips for tomorrow's recap. But 'twas all good. At 2:00AM I went back to my room and sent an sms to my fellow performers 'cos it's time for MAAAAAKE-UUUUP! I'm so excited, I took out my palette, my brushes and everything else. I started applying makeup even before my co-performers came 'cos I'm really THAT excited! They started arriving one by one and some of our officemates volunteered to do the makeup. I told them to make the performer's base as white as possible and then just be crazy and colorful. It took me almost 3 hours to put my makeup on because I was so keen with the details! I did the performer's lips since nobody else can and I also did some their hair.

The Cats! ;)
Cats going down the elevator :P
THEY RAPED MY BED! Yes, they did! Hahaha! We had our pictorial on my bed and I forgot that it was mine and I'm gonna be sleeping on it that night. We were just crazy happy because of how we really looked like human cats and HOW ARE WE GONNA GO DOWN THE MAIN LOBBY WITHOUT LOOKING RIDICULOUS? Well, we had no choice. "Let's just go down altogether," someone suggested. At least if we're gonna look like fools, we'd all look like fools together. Haha!

At the photo wall with some of the KMBI staff dressed in 80's. Spot Michael Jackson!
At the dressing room ;)
Well, our group was such a head turner with the other hotel guests. That's expected. We went straight to the dressing room of the Grand Ball Room to wait for our turn. People came in the dressing room to have their pictures taken with us and to take our pictures as well. Gosh, we were celebrities! Hahaha! And when we were called on stage, this is it!

We performed Jellicle Cats and then I had my... EHEM! Solo of Memory. But I can't seem to find any pictures of my solo. Haha! I'm glad, though. No embarrassing shots! After our performance, the other organizations performed their own excerpts from musicals in the 80's like Evita, Grease (it was supposed to be Grease2 but for some reasons, they did the first Grease), Le Miserables, Miss Saigon, Footloose and Aladdin. After our performance and while the other orgs are performing, we quickly changed in our 80's attire. You see, we're still gonna perform another dance number.

Lalalala! I have solo! EWWW! :P
Jump! UMPH! xP
Center of attention! LOL
We had our dinner and waited for all the musicals to finish. We did a flash mob style in our 80's performance. When the 80's music played, we got up on our seats and we cam from different parts inside the ballroom. Awesome, right? We danced in the tune of Name Game and afterwards, we asked the audience to dance with us and we taught them the steps. It was just a fun-filled night for everyone.

Why 80's, you ask? Almost all of the MF-NGOs present and the APPEND itself was founded in the 1980's. The 80's era was when Microfinance came to the Philippines. Now, you know! ;)

Ms. Marga | GELLEESH | Ma'am Yana (one of the Board of Trustees of KMBI) | Ma'am Amy | Ma'am Annie | Sir Ed (KMBI's CEO)
Ma'am Ross | GELLEESH | Ma'am Amy | Ma'am Annie | Ma'am Lee | Ma'am Marga | Sir Ronel
There was the awarding of the king and queen of the night and then the best musical performance (we are not allowed to participate because our org was the host for the summer camp) and more picture taking. After the tiring and fun evening, Ma'am Maris asked us to sleep early and just edit the recap early in the morning. Thanks Ma'am Maris!

But before we sleep, Dave, Vince, MJ and I went out to buy some food because we're hungry like crazy and afterwards, we took the night off and finally had some decent sleep.

(to be continued...)


  1. This looked so fun! :D Sana may videos.. hahaha.. Would love to see your performances! ;)

    1. This has a video but can't release it in public kasi it was taken from the org's camera and has something to do with copyright chenes... xP


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