Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OOTD: Lucky in Orange

Here's another OOTD post which I took from my MAC's camera. For all my office mates or even my boss who would be seeing this post, I took these shots during lunch break so I'm free to go camwhore, right? Hahaha! Anyway, I'm doing this OOTD post because every week, there seems to be a surprise waiting for me. Nope, it's not a material something; but more of an improvement in myself. I'm just happy with how things are going and even though I'm always exhausted, all I can say is that it's all worth it!

I pulled out another mini-dress from my closet which doesn't fit me anymore and gave it another try. Last time I wore this was back in college. Yep, almost three years, if I'm not mistaken. But even during the time I was wearing this regularly, the buttons would occasionally pop open. It's too tight for my body but I liked this so much that I just put some safety pins in between some of the buttons so as to keep it from popping open. However, today is a different story. The buttons did not pop open and my tummy is less visible. Hahaha! Now I need to do something about my arms. They're still big. GRRRRR!

Dress: Unica Hija
Ring: Hyphen Curiosities | Necklace: Cebu
Animal Print Open-Toe Pumps
The orange buttoned checkered dress is from Unica Hija, as you can see, I'm always wearing my animal print open-toe pumps at work, the ring is from Hyphen Curiosities, and the camera necklace is from my Cebu trip. Being able to wear this dress again just makes me so happy and blessed. Good things come to those who persevere.

I can't lose a lot of pounds immediately but I think I'm making a stable and good progress. I want to reach my target weight by the end of the year. I'm not rushing myself because if I rush everything, I could lead an even unhealthier lifestyle. I'm taking this one step at a time. On my next PFT post, I will share to you guys my new set of diet because I kind of see now what I should be eating and stuff like that depending on my body's capacity based on experience.

I hope you're all having an awesome week! Good vibes to everyone! ;)


  1. Is it just me or did you already lose some weight?

    1. I actually did already lose some weight. It pays off to resist temptations and to maintain going to the gym every weekdays :))

  2. Replies
    1. Oo nga no! Ngayon ko lang napansin my hair grows really fast... :P

  3. you look great, gel! onga, pumayat ka! woot!!!! :)) ako naman ang kelangan pumayat haha! :D


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