Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Andrada at the 3rd Asian Wedding Arts & Design Competition

By: Happy Andrada

Hey guys, this day has been pretty terrible for me ; but I've got some things to share with you all so I really don't mind blogging tonight. Anyway, before I go ahead with the main reason for this post, let me just tell you guys that the judges for my I am Beautiful and I Can Rock the World Blogging Contest had just given me their votes as to which blog post entry is their favorite. Well, I won't be announcing the winners tonight, but definitely, within this week. Just letting you guys on a little update. So, now, onto the main event!
You see, Happy Andrada is the ONLY Filipino designer out of the 15 finalists in the 3rd Asian Wedding Arts & Design Competition, which will be held in good 'ol Hongkong. And with that, she needs our support! All you have to do is vote for her by typing your email address on top the white box you will be seeing after clicking THIS. That's all. Simple, right? Filipino pride, guys! Let's show the world that Filipinos really do have world class talents. I'm just so proud of all our fellow Filipinos who are making it big worldwide.

This is part of my #PHMade campaign. You know I'm in full support of Filipino made products may it be makeup or fashion related stuff. Filipino made products have surely been leveling up making us more proud to be part of this awesome race. I hope that you will all show your support to our dear Filipino designer, Happy Andrada. Oh, and voting is until the first week of August so please share this blog post to all your friends or blog about it as well so that they can vote for Happy Andrada.

To Happy, we got your back! Go make us proud!

Till next post, guys! :)


  1. That picture is so pretty~ What amazing designs!!


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