Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Love Careline Makeup Set 3

It's been quite awhile since I last bought a new makeup and it's because I've been saving up for a more important something, which you will be able to find out soon. But you all know that my quest is to always look for good and affordable makeup to recommend you guys and because of that, I went to Watsons earlier to see what they've got in store for my wallet's tight budget.

I stopped by the Careline's stall and grabbed the I Love Careline Makeup-Set 3. I remember the Careline palette I reviewed a year ago and I loved how pigmented it is; so I told myself, "Why not give this one a try!"

"Prettilicious girls! Enjoy tons of fun with I Love Careline Make-Up Set which gives you a shimmering look and feel. With eyeshadow and blush-on in one, it's easy to carry and easy to apply as the colors stay longer on you! I Love Careline Make-Up Set is enriched with vitamin  E for a healthier new you!" - Careline

The Good Bits:

First of all, it's inexpensive, no doubt. For only PhP120.00 you'll get 4 shades of eyeshadows and 2 blush-ons in one palette. There's a mirror inside and an applicator which has a sponge and brush tip. It's very light, compact and easy to carry. You can just slide it in your purse and you're good to go. The available colors in this set are wearable and fit for the younger ones. The pigments are good and if you're a fan of shimmery colors, you'll love this one. Good news to all those with sensitive noses, because this one doesn't have a scent. Rub it off your eyes and it won't easily be removed so no worries much on its lasting power.

The Bad Bits:

Honestly, the packaging may cater more to the younger ones; but to me, I actually wasn't a big fan of the image of a girl in front. Haha! Although my younger sister finds it cute. Told 'ya this one caters more to the younger ones. The lighter blush shade can be a bit chalky and so are the lighter shades of eyeshadow (E1 and E2). There's no blush applicator but it's not really a big deal for me.

The Swatches:

Eyeshadow 01 - Can be a bit chalky and registers as almost white when applied; though it looks kind of green/grayish of some sort

Eyeshadow 02 - It's a shimmery pink if you're looking which can be a bit chalky too

Eyeshadow 03 - A brown shade which I consider the best of 'em all; shimmery

Eyeshadow 04 - A dark blue shade which also looks decent when applied; shimmery

Blush 01 - The color didn't register on my skin and it's chalky

Blush 02 - A shimmery and pigmented hot pink blush


It's a decent palette which I can recommend for college student who are always on the go. This one, however, will not be a regular in my makeup kit unlike the Careline palette I reviewed last year. Pigments are average and, again, some of 'em can be a bit chalky. I'm giving this product a rating of 6/10.


  1. I think the shades in this palette are cute! Kung less chalky siya, perfect na sana! :)

  2. It is cute. I like the Blush shade that you labeled B2! In fairness, local drugstore makeup nowadays are stepping up na ha! ♥

    1. True! And nakita ko din yung makeup ng Shawill ngayon, meron silang medyo mukhang high-end ng kaunti. I mean, still inexpensive but high-end compared to their other makeup. :P

  3. those are really shimmery, i like the colors!! they are nice!!!

  4. Oooh I do like that brown shade too :)


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