Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FOTD: Basic Pin-up Look

One day I got bored. So, after I get back home from work, I decided to put some makeup on. You see, I haven't been putting makeup for work these past few days because I always tend to wake up late since you're all aware that I have also been staying up really late, right? Anyway, so I grabbed some makeup and this is what I came up with. This is just so basic. I mean, I would love to show you guys how you can re-create a pin-up makeup look - the basic and what you need to have.


- Liquid Eyeliner / Gel liner (whichever is your choice)
- Red Lip Color :)

Yes! That's all you need, basically. It's totally up to you what you'd want to add up. If you want a fierce eye makeup look, then go for a dark smokey although I would suggest that you do nude on your eyes so that the focus would be more on your red lips. It's always about those luscious red lips when we're talking about a pin-up makeup look. So make sure you don't divert the attention away from your lips as much as possible.


Actually, before I put on any makeup, I just tapped on some loose powder (Nichido Finishing Powder in So Natural) on my face to remove the oiliness and for a matte finish. Afterwards, I created an exaggerated wing using my Kawaii Liquid Eyeliner and added some dots at the right side of my right eye (based on your perspective). The dots aren't needed but I just love to put them there so... there! Then, I put some red lips on using my NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Plush Red. Oh and I also added a beauty mark - a mole. Haha! I mean, I often see pin-up girls with a beauty mark so I opted to add one on me. And look at my vintage-looking head band. Isn't it cute? ;)

You may go put on false lashes and contour your face. Totally depends on you. I just showed you guys the basics and how, basically, it should look. Go add on your own personal touches and own the makeup look! If you did a pin-up makeup look, please do share it at the comments section below. Till next post! ;)


  1. Wow! while I was writing my latest post, I came upon your blog and noticed that you also did a vintage make up... haha! what a coincidence! I like the little detail you did at the end of your liner.. so kawaii. :) anyways hope that you visit my post! :)



  2. OH MY GOSH I love your headband! I have a polkadot wired headband din pero it's black. I like the color of yours :D

  3. Bet ko yung mole Gellie. hihi ^_^ ang cute!

  4. We have the same headband, gel! Love the lippies! :))

  5. Love the winged liner! Pin-up style looks great on you x


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