Thursday, July 19, 2012

NOTW: First Time Gradient

Hey, it's been awhile since I updated my nail art posts! It's all because, again, I've been too busy lately that I just prefer not applying any polish on my nails or if I will, I'm just gonna be using one color on my nails. Pretty boring to make it a Nail Of The Week post. So, let this post be my come back to nail art and all those stuff. Welcome back to me, indeed! So you might be seeing more nail-related posts because I'm gonna get more conscious with nails now AGAIN.

And since I've missed on a lot of stuff on nail art thingies, there are just so many techniques I would love to try and show to you guys. Although, I think my skill is becoming a bit rusty (need to practice!), I still would love to share with you all what I came up with doing gradient nail art.

The base color is actually a nude shade of polish then I used a new makeup sponge and dabbed it onto a purple polish then onto my nails. What I did is apply hard on the tip and then slowly going soft as I near the center; then I applied yellow for the tips using, again, the makeup sponge. After the application of the colors, I topped it all off with a silver glitter polish. All the nail polishes I've used are from Caronia; however, can't tell the exact shade because my top coat spilled over my polish case a few weeks ago and the labels peeled off from the bottle.

Anyway, my gradient nail art product is super messy and it kinda looks ugly; but, hey, practice makes perfect, eh? So, please bear with me as I start over AGAIN on my nail art posts and ventures. I hope I get better again soon. I got rusty. Anyway, till next post! ;)


  1. I keep ruining my nail art attempts too. Haha! I easily finish a bottle of nail polish remover because of those experiments! :P

  2. ohh that looks awesome, perfect summer look!

  3. This is a cute summer manicure! I've never tried to do a gradient with different colors before :)


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