Sunday, July 22, 2012

OOTD: The Last Few Days Have Kicked My Ass

Ooookay, the title was still a line from my super favorite song right now, Here's To Us. I just can't stop singing the song. I mean, listen to it and you'd know why. Anyway, true enough, I've had ups and down this last week. I got sick during the first two or three days of the start of the week and then some crazy shits happened at work and some random happy stuff with friends and loved ones. This Saturday, however, it was raining real hard (well you're all aware of that) but I still went on a night out with some friends and just chilled out with them in Timog.

No pictures from last night's happening. All the pictures were at my friend's camera, none from mine. Haha! But I have some pictures of my outfit, which my sister took, before I left the house. Anyway, I had tons of fun with my friends last night and I got back home early morning the next day (Sunday) when I found out some crazy shits here at home. So, I'm stuck at home on a Sunday, but I'm not complaining. Anyway, so many people are getting sick these days, hope you're doing well. Get some vit c, people!

For this outfit post, I wore my Black Korean Long Sleeve Blouse (because it's like so cold outside), which says UNTIL NOW in front. I'm also wearing a random Black Super Short Shorts, which I just pulled out from the closet. I'm also wearing a pair of red socks with my Primadonna Oxford Shoes. It was a simple and comfortable outfit for a night out with friends. No hard partyin', just chillin' out with some booze, while listening to some random awesome band play RnB songs. Kwentuhan, tawanan, kulitan - they were just crazy fun.

Anyway, hope you're having an awesome week and it's back to work (for me) / school (for some) tomorrow. Are you like wishing for the rain to continue on 'till tomorrow for an extended weekend vacation? Hahaha! Have a great day and till next post! :)

P.S. Don't get sick, okay! ;)


  1. You look AWESOME Gel!!!! Love it!

  2. Oh yeah, kabog nga! Like you're so ready to kick ass! :P

    True, vitamin c overdose! Been sick too since Thursday and the virus is putting up a pretty good fight and won't easily give up. Haha! :)

  3. Nice one Gel! I can never wear short shorts! :D

  4. Ansabeh??? Short shorts looks giod on plus size din pala. I never even thought of braving one takot ko lang umappear ang mga hinde dapat sa legs ko. Hihihi! But it really really looks good in you babe! Hoorah for more short shorts!


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