Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Hair Cut: Short Bob Cut

I think I've kind of grown tired of cutting my hair over and over again, thinking of a new style and then having it cut again. Geez. My hair must be pretty tired of it too, huh? Lately, I've been quite obsessed into having my hair colored and if only work would have allowed it, I might have colored my hair a cute cotton candy blue color. It sounds crazy and outrageous but you've got to be crazy sometimes to enjoy life, eh? I dunno if we share the same belief; but, that's what I think.

Just this weekend, I had my hair cut into a short bob cut. Why have this boring hair style after having those outrageous and crazy cuts? Simple. I'm thinking of growing my hair a bit more, maybe a few inches below my shoulder and having them experimented on different hair styles. Hair styles not cuts, okay? Plus, I am thinking of buying another Etude House Bubble Hair Color in Gold Blonde. If I can't go crazy blue, I will just go on a blonde bombshell look at work. Whaddya say? LOL. I know I won't achieve the golden blonde hair unless I bleach my hair; but I'm pretty okay with just a lighter hair color - FOR NOW.

Geez, there's just so many things I so want to try and do. Anyway, before I end this short post about my short hair, I would just want to ask you all, what kind of hair style can I do with my short bob cut? Any suggestions? Something, which won't make me look older but would still make me look presentable and ready for work. That's all, guys. Thanks for your time and till next blog post! ;) 


  1. aww i actually love love you in your new bob haircut! it's very fun, fresh and chic on you!!

  2. you look great with your new haircut gellie!!!! :) it frames your face well, too :)

  3. Oh the bob is totally fresh on you!

    So cute and pretty I have to say!
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  4. Love the new look! It suits you, you look way younger :D oh my, blonde? ive been always scared to try, but yeah lookin forward to see you blonde!


  5. Tweeted you about how I like your hair. You look so fresh Gel :)

  6. You look great with your new hair! You look younger! So fresh. :)
    I wish i have the courage to have a bob too! :)

    1. it's always refreshing to have a change of hair sometimes :)

  7. hey you look great!!! please join us in and comment as you desire!
    regards from Argentina =)

  8. frames your face nicely. super bagay sa yu!

  9. that's a great cut for you Gellie. If you wan't a "crazy" color but still want to look presentable at work, how about dark violet? the kind that will be noticable when light hits your hair.

  10. Love your new haircut! It looks so fresh~

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