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Rated YP: Senior Year

Last June 23, 2012 I was invited by Yabang Pinoy for their Rated YP Screening of the movie: SENIOR YEAR. Basically, Senior Year is a movie about a whole batch of Seniors as they prepare for graduation and college life. The movie actually has two time lines, one is during their, again, senior year; while the other is set 10 years after High School graduation - the Batch 2010 High School Reunion. Thanks to Yabang Pinoy for letting me invite a few more people to join me; and since they told me I could bring five more, I took my family with me and had them watch an independent movie for the first time.

This movie actually made me reminisce my Senior Year in High School. Among the characters shown in the movie, who was I like? Was I like the valedictorian, Henry? Nah. No one copies my math assignments. How about Steph? Hmm.. Not really. Bunda? Well, I'm not really the mysterious type of person in school. How about Solenn? Nah, never was the popular girl whom guys would love to date. Honestly, I wasn't and still isn't a girlfriend material. Bridget? I didn't even have a boyfriend from school! Briggs? Ditto with Bridget. Carlo? Uhm, not really. Mitch? Well, partially, maybe. According to Director Jerrold Tarog, the characters were based on the cast, themselves. So, the reason why I didn't really find someone who'd suit me best among the characters was because they're all unique in their own way.

This made me actually think - who was I in High School. Then, I cam across my early blogs after High School - AgnesRaven.blogspot.com (Why Agnes Raven? Read that crappy after high school blog and you'll find out why). I posted our senior high school class picture and gave out a short message to everyone. As in, EVERYONE in my class. That's when I found out who I was in my senior year.

I am the super active and bibo kid who never gets suspected for anything  bad because I was so bibo and active. I was one of the boys (as in the only girl in the barkada) and we play cards  and gamble till my last peso and then we'd just walk back home because I don't have money anymore to ride the jeep; and then we'd drink, smoke and just live the most out of our youthful senior year. I was that girl. And even though I was that kind of kid back in senior year, I never failed a single subject, I was in the 2nd section, I was an Alpha Coy Commander in CAT, a student catechist, a soprano in the school chorale, an officer of the English Club, a member of the Drama Guild and the Computer Club and also a class officer. I made everyone laugh with my own laugh and I'm the clumsy girl who always trips and slips. Hahaha! That was me.

Feeling ko pwede na nga yung character ko na isang main lead sa movie na Senior Year, eh. Hahaha!

The movie also made me remember this write up in our year book, which our valedictorian wrote. She pictured our future and wrote who would we be 10 years after High School graduation. Sadly, I wasn't included. Boo! Anyway, my question is, did those supposed to be journalist really did become journalists? Did those engineers, doctors, teachers and all those professions really did spur out of my batch mates? Okay, now, time to check out their Facebook pages. Some made it; while some weren't able to reach their High School dreams because of various reasons - got pregnant at an early age, took a different career path, late realization of what they'd want to be, etc. How about me? Since I wasn't part of that write-up, I am free to lie about what I want but I won't. Because I turned out pretty good, I think.

My 6th Grade year book says I want to be an author. Then, in High School, I dreamed of becoming a news caster. Well, technically, I'm not an author; but I am a writer. Oh, not just in my blog, I'm the Associate Editor of two publications, mind you. Being a news caster? That dream actually vanished in mid college. I realized that production life isn't for me. I gave up that dream and focused on becoming a writer and I'm pretty glad I'm one now. You see, ma-pride akong tao, gusto ko maipagmamalaki ko ang sarili ko kahit saan. Siguro medyo mayabang ako pero wala namang halong kasinungalingan ang pinagyayabang ko; kaya nga nagsusumikap ako para maabot yung pangarap ko. I'm very career driven. I'm the type of person who will do everything to reach my dreams and will never settle for the lesser things.

During the latter part of the movie, you'd see what they've become after ten years - who made it and who didn't. I really did enjoy the movie and so did my family. My dad even told me that he would love to see more independent films. It truly shows the reality, which was never shown in the mainstream movies. I'm glad I was able to influence my family into supporting the local independent films. Teka, madala nga sila sa Cinemalaya!

How about you, who were you in High School? Oh, btw, trailer down below: vv

P.S. If you wanna invite Rated YP to your school and have this film shown, you may send them an email at: ratedyp.yabangpinoy@gmail.com

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  1. I was the girl who was labeled as an untouchable and was never spoken to, or befriended unless it was necessary for school work. that went on from grade1 to 4th year high school so I didn't really enjoy it that much, and there are only 4 people who talked and befriended me during those times...
    sad noh? haha but I laugh about it now cause I know that if I didn't endure that I will not be a sweet and mabait and overly protective type of friend.. :)



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