Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wet 'N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick

You all know how I am always on the look out for the cheapest yet decent products in the market. So, when I came upon this lipstick from Wet 'N Wild I said, it might be worth a try. So here I am with my first Wet 'N Wild lipstick and about to share with you guys my thoughts on this product - the Silk Finish Lipstick under the 521A Shade or more popularly known as Fuchsia with Blue Pearl. What a mouthful, I know. 

"Hey, I love your lipstick shade, what is it?"
"It's Fuchsia with Blue Pearl  from Wet 'N Wild!"
"Oh, okay, Fuchsia..."
"With Blue Pearl!"
"Yeah, whatevs."

Well, yeah, you get the point, right?

The Good Bits:

According to Wet 'N Wild, this product is enriched with conditioning ingredients of Vitamin A and E and Aloe Vera for moist-looking lips. Well, having a moisturizing and vitamin-enriched lipstick is definitely a plus, right? I mean, no one's complaining! Put as much vitamins as you want in our lipstick! The shade I got is pretty decent, it truly is moisturizing (so no worries about dried up lips after using this) and the pigmentation is really good. For something really inexpensive, you're definitely getting something good here! One or two swipe of this product on your lips will definitely give you that gorgeous and glamorous look provided that you have picked the right shade for your skin tone. I guess that's pretty basic. I love the finish of this product on my lips. It gives off a bit of a shimmery and shiny finish on my lips and I loved it.

The Bad Bits:

The packaging is its con. Well, good product at a very cheap price, I guess they must have been a bit tight on the packaging. It doesn't look sturdy and you'd be scared to drop or shake the lipstick because the bullet might go off easily. Haha! I'm also a bit careful when I open this because I'm scared to scrape it on the product. The plastic packaging looks really cheap, actually.


I loved the product itself, its finish on my lips and the shade I got. It's just that the packaging is a bit off. You know how I can also be persuaded to buy something because of the packaging, right? Thankfully, I trust Wet 'N Wild products so I gave this one a try. I'm giving this product a rating of 9/10. I have purchased this product for only P149.00 at All Glammed Up

P.S. Oh and yeah, I got a new camera - The new Samsung WB150F. Happy! :D


  1. Pretty shade! It's like something that completes the look. :)

  2. I actually like Wet 'N Wild lippies.. :D This lip color looks gorgeous and so fierce.. ^^ Hopefully I develop the courage to wear out a bright lip color as this.

  3. I have one shade from the same range, I think. Binili ko nung Cosmetologie, nung nakipagsiksikan ako sa WNW booth? Hahahaha. Yung nabili ko is like an MLBB shade. I should've gotten a darker one like yours! Although I kind of don't like yung wear time. Mabilis mawala sakin :(

    1. sakin naman okay naman yung wear time, although nawala, nung kumain ako. hehe :P

  4. like the blue pearl reflect there gellie!:)

  5. Nice color dear! Thanks for the review ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. Beautiful color :D I love fuchsia lipsticks. It's glam!

  7. pretty fuchsia color gellie! i love it on you!

  8. I have the same lippie but I forgot what's the shade. am going to look it up to see if we have the same. hahaha It looks Fuchsia also kasi e. :D


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