Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Are Young

Okay, I'm actually kind of on LSS mode with this song; hence the title. This blog post will be a personal post and not beauty nor fashion post. I would just want you all, my readers, to have a slice of my life 'cos I feel like sharing with you all a part of who I am. Aww... Cheesy. Well, actually, I'm posting this to let you guys know how busy I am and ask for your apology for not posting everyday (just like what I've promised to do with this blog) and for the not so many reviews I've been doing lately. I hope you understand. Anyway, what's up with me? Here's what's up with me:

Just today, our division went to the UP School of Economics to interview Dr. Geoffrey Ducanes, a professor and Economist. We are currently making a documentary about poverty and how microfinance can help alleviate the poor people in our country. I think we'd be uploading the documentary on Youtube once it's done so I will definitely share it with all of you in case you're interested. 

One of my superiors, Ma'am Maris, a Broad Communication graduate of UP Diliman, took us to a barbecue-han near the UP library. The food was good and it was also inexpensive. One of the people tending the barbecue-han seems to have a voice of a radio announcer. He was so entertaining. Hahaha! So, after our lunch, we went to the KMBI Tandang Sora Branch and then was joined by one of the staff there. He took us to Payatas, first, and we interviewed this microentrepreneur who was an ex-OFW. She told us her story and how the most difficult part of her life was her OFW life. She narrated the story of her unpleasing experience and how relieved she was that she is finally back here in the Philippines. Another microentrepreneur I interviewed was from Holy Spirit and her business was buying brand new but rejected/inexpensive shoes, fixes them and sells them in the market. It has now boomed into a family business because of how it is continuously growing.

You see, I had a pretty busy day. Aside from that, I've got one publication under my caring, a script to revise, a video to edit (or rather assist in editing since I'm not the main video editor), shoots to do and  a few more script and AVPs to conceptualize. I've been busy, but hey, I enjoy what I do. But there would be times when I'd be so drained, I dunno what to blog upon coming back home. I'm just so exhausted and drained. Anyway, it's also the reason why I haven't been attending much events; but I might attend this one event next week, still undecided and I'm so dying to meet my blogger friends again.

So, I guess, that's it. Just remember, live life to the fullest. Do the things you want and regret nothing. While we're still young and able, go and be adventurous. Chase your dreams and do everything to reach the star you've always been aiming for. Life is to short. You probably all know that. Till next post! ;)


  1. Love the parting advice! Let's all live life to the fullest! :D ♥

  2. Gellie!!!!! I hope magkita tayo soon despite your busy sched! And you look so good and happy sa pic mo :) I like your hair color! Yung Golden Blonde parin ba yan? :)

    1. I so wanna see you girls na ulit. Yup it's still the gold blonde from EH. Soon, soon! :D

  3. I really like your hair colour style, suits you very well!


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