Friday, July 13, 2012

The 6th Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival

I can honestly say that me and my siblings have our own individual and unique creativeness. I'm pretty okay in drawing, doodling and stuff like that; my younger sister, Czai of, has really awesome drawing and Digital Arts skills; while my youngest sister, Christine of is pretty much into arts and crafts. I really dunno where we got it 'cos our parents aren't really creative and all that; nor are they good in drawing but we somehow managed to acquire those skills. So, when I was e-mailed about the 6th Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival , I immediately told my two sisters about it.

Honestly, I have blogged this quite late and it's because I've been so busy. You all know that. But hey, even though the event started this July 13, the festival is actually until the 15th so you've still got tons of time to drop by at the SMX Convention Center. "We describe it as a three-day feast for the mind and senses. But to be precise, it’s a three day feast for the soul, it’s not really an event, a festival or an exhibit or a trade fair, it’s an Experience,” said Chief Event Organizer of Backdoor Ventures, Jay Viriña when asked on his thoughts about this year’s festival.

This festival will gather thousands of artists from different discipline. You call yourself an artist? This is one helluva festival you wouldn't dare miss! The 6th Backdoor Ventures Arts & Music Festival is an art immersion through workshops, film screening, clinics, cultural and musical performances, art and photography exhibits, laser light shows, cosplay, arts and music trade fair and a whole lot more. Are you all giddy and excited? Well, I bet you are! So let me share with you the scheduled activities for the 3-day run of the festival:

You may bring along your whole family to enjoy the various activities the festival would be bringing you. It would be a fun and a weekend full of learning for your whole family. Plus, your kid might see his/her future passion in that event. You see, for the past years, the Arts and Music Festival has been a solid ground for new breed of artists and performers, and it has been Backdoor Ventures advocacy to share their art and music to the public.

For artists in general it’s a gathering with no boundaries or walls that separates them from each other. It’s a gathering where they feel oneness, the feeling of being a family. One community sharing the same passions, same advocacy, and speaking same language— that is art,” added Viriña.


I would love to know your thoughts!

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