Monday, August 06, 2012

Blog Giveaway Winners

I'm just so happy. Thank you to all my blog readers who joined and supported my First Blog Anniversary Giveaway. I have gained new readers and have seen regular readers and giveaway joiners in my page. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for following the instructions and taking the time to really do the postings and stuff. You all deserve to win but there's always the luckier ones who gets picked through raffle. So let me tell you all who are winners now.

For my Fashion Loot, I want to thank my sponsors, first. Thank you to Hyphen Curiosities for giving additional prizes, which would be totally a surprise to the winner, to F*ART Fashion Art for the awesome prizes and for believing in my blog. I so love the Andrada sisters. To Pitaka, for the awesome pitaka goodies they're giving you guys and to Queen Alice Accessories for the super cute necklaces they've custom made for you all. So, without further ado, the winner for the Fashion Loot is:

Paula Conese Dela Cruz

For my Beauty Loot, I want to thank, first, my sponsors, again, Pitaka for the pitaka products for the Beauty Loot, HBC, for the awesome liquid foundations they're giving my winner, Hyphen Curiosities for a surprise gift, Snoe Beauty for the Body Ritual Recipes products, which I know you'd love so much and All Glammed Up for the makeup products. And the winner of the Beauty Loot is:

Lorna Puno

Thank you so much for joining and congratulations, girls! Please email me your complete name, contact number and shipping address at promo[at]gelleesh[dot]com. I will be waiting for your email for two weeks and if I fail to receive one, I will be choosing another winner along with the other new winners of my previous giveaway who did not send me an email regarding their winning.

Again, I would like to thank EVERYONE who gave their support to my blog. My blog readers , blogger friends, to my family, to the brands who gave their trust to me and of course, to God who gave me this wonderful life. Hope to see you all hanging around my blog with or without a giveaway. Oh, and before I end this post, I would just want to post some of my favorite answers when I asked WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE POST IN MY BLOG? :)

P.S. I do read all the comments in my blog even if they're answers from my giveaways. So, thanks to all your lovely comments, especially to those who really did take the time to tell me what they loved most about my blog. If you want to talk to me, you can always tweet me or message me in Facebook. I always do my best to reply.

Oh, and for my next giveaway, do you like it raffled, a blogging contest, or a commenter of the month thing? Suggestions below, guys. Thanks a bunch! :)


  1. contest! blogging or commenter of the month... It's a nice change from the raffles that are coming up here and there... :)

  2. oh and congrats to the winners! :)

  3. wow.. im glad you like my answer :D
    btw, i prefer raffle or commenter of the month :)

    1. Hello Ailyn! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm really glad you liked my Travel Diary posts! It's a new venture for me and it's just nice to know that someone appreciates them :)

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  5. Yes, I agree with Nicole. :)
    Raffles are already becoming too mainstream, and I notice most of the people joining are just in "winning frenzy". They just join every raffle giveaway here & there. Some of them don't really take time to appreciate the blog first :/

  6. Btw, I was kilig to see my comment there! Hihihi <3
    MORE POWER, So Gelleesh! And congratulations to the winners :)

  7. Yipee! I won!

    Sent you an email sis!

    Thanks so much!

  8. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for dropping by my blog! =)

  9. congrats to your blog anniversary, may many more to come!!

  10. wow congratulations to the winners!!!! more power Gel! :) congrats again to your blogversary! =)flattered that my comment is up there! although i may not be an avid commenter, i definitely love reading blogs!!!!


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