Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Typhoon Gener Experience

Hope everyone's safe despite of the weather. As per the news, Gener is supposed to leave the Philippines by Thursday night and I thought we are already spared. Yes, there's still flood in Valenzuela; but not in our place. Thank God, the road's already fixed but it actually isn't completed yet. Imagine having a no-flood road and a flood-full side walk. Pretty weird, eh? Anyway, as I was saying, I thought we were spared and I'm so thanking God for it. However, I stand corrected.

Wednesday (August 01, 2012) - I was supposed to go to our West Avenue QC extension office for our 1st Wednesday Devotion and call time is at 7:00 AM. However, I wasn't able to attend the devotion because of a migraine attack that morning. So, I rested and went on an under time. I took meds, went back to sleep and woke up around 8:00 AM. I got at the office at exactly 10:00 AM and went on with my work. It was a windy but sunny day so I know that everything's gonna be fine. When we even had our lunch at this awesome sisig place near SM Valenzuela, my office mates and I were all sweaty after eating because it is actually a bigger version of a carenderia and there ain't a fan at the place. 

After lunch, a few minutes passed 1:00 PM, I received a text message from mom:

"Call me, ASAP!"

What could possibly happen?? Flood never occurred to me because the MH del Pilar road's already fixed and the sun has been present the whole day. But when I called my mom she told me to go home quick because the flood's getting higher and she doesn't have anyone to help her lift our stuff. My dad's at work and he is currently renting a place in Manila with my younger sister, Czarina of and my youngest sister, Kim of is just 12 years old so she can't really do much. PLUS! My grandpa and grandma are pretty much relying on us and can't move too much as well. So, after the call, I immediately told my manager, Ma'am Maris, about the situation at home and she had been so nice to let me go on a half day. The reason for the sudden flood is because of the broken dikes in Obando, Bulacan and in Malabon. Great.

Upon getting home, I immediately helped out at home and now my mom's been having this back ache and she can't move around. I was the one who cooked dinner and I gave it my best so that even if we've been bugged by the flood, at least, we're having good food. The water is actually decreasing when night came; but now, the rain's been pouring hard again. ):

Please, pray for the safety of not only my family but of all the people who are currently affected by Typhoon Gener. It has already taken lives and I hope no one gets hurt anymore. Let's all unite in prayers. Whatever religion we have, we still have a God/Allah whom we ask for guidance and blessing. Let's all unite in prayer and if you've got anything to donate to those in need, go do it. Well, we don't donations; but there are some families in various evacuation centers who will need your help. Families from Malabon, Valenzuela, Obando and Cavite. Those are the places affected so much by the typhoon. Let's do our part and help each other stand up and recover from this tragedy.

You might want to read my Typhoon Pedring Experience and How I did my part for the Typhoon Sendong victims. Till next post!


  1. Take care Gellie! Pupunta dapat akong post office nung Monday pa pero laging napopostpone dahil pagpaalis na ako, uulan :( At pag wala namang ulan, super lakas ng hangin! :(

    1. Thanks Aya. Mabuti nga paalis ng ng Philippine Area of Responsibility yung bagyo kaso may papalit na naman daw na bago ):

  2. take care! my prayers are with you :)

  3. Oh my! to think that I was actually complaining about the constant rains because I can't go out of the house. I am so petty! hope you are all safe gellie! Take care always!


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