Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Virginia Olsen Mineral Eyeshadow

I have been on tipid mode these past few days and that is because I'm celebrating my birthday on September. Yipee! Anyway, as much as I wanted to do something big on my day, I can't because of the devastating effect of the Habagat and the flooding in my life. But I'm glad that even though I went on a mini-hiatus (due to the flood), some brands and PR's were still sending me emails, giving me stuff and inviting me to events because they still trust my blogs. And, of course, to my lovely readers who checks out my blog every once in awhile. It just makes me want to go back to my regular blogging program ASAP.

Anyway, one of the brands, which have contacted me to try out their products is the Virginia Olsen Minerals. I once stumbled upon their website and I had plans of buying and trying out some of their products. However, since I was so saving up, I can't, at least not at the moment. So I was thrilled when they offered me to try out their products. So, let me share you my thoughts on their mineral eyeshadows.

The Good Bits:

I have slowly been falling in love with mineral makeup. I love the fact that the pigmentation of this product is really beautiful and they have a wide range of shades that it did give me a hard time when I was choosing, which shade I would love to try. If I could just say ALL, I would have said it. REALLY. I was able to blend it nicely and I'm quite comfortable in using my fingers in blending them on my eyes. How long did it last on my eyes? It lasted long enough and almost the whole day but once you want it removed, you can easily remove it by your regular eye makeup remover. I love how chic and elegant the packaging is. I love having it in my makeup pouch plus, it doesn't have any weird scent or whatsoever.

The Bad Bits:

The packaging looks really elegant, nice and but when I am in a hurry, I can't seem to close the lid properly. You need to slowly close it with poise and all. Hassle, really! Hahaha! And of course, some people would not like how it's prone to having fall outs when you're applying it on your eyes. However, I've kind of gotten used to it and I know how to deal with it now so it's not really a major issue.


I'm definitely trying out more shades and will purchase again. The shades I got are in Copper Low Luster, Tulips and Gold Bars. The Copper Low Luster is a bronze shade, which is perfect for an everyday makeup look, the Tulips is a shimmery pink shade, which can be blended beautifully with the Copper Low Luster (I guess I did choose the right shades that goes together well) and the Gold Bars is a beautiful golden color which is perfect for the inner corner of your eye. I would be giving this product a rating of 9/10

(Picture above: Blended the Copper Low Luster and Tulips and the Gold Bars on my inner eye corner)

Go check them out on the web at VirginiaOlsen.com. And until August 31, 2012, all my readers will get a 10% discount by using the promo code: Gelleesh10 in the comment box upon online shopping checkout. Isn't that wonderful? If you've tried this out, tell me your thoughts at the comments section below, okay?


  1. I like that copper shade ah :) Will visit their site! :)

  2. welcome back! wanted to try loose eyeshadow but i'm all mess using it...

    1. Thanks, Andy! That's actually one of the cons of mineral loose eyeshadow...

  3. nice... i kinda like the golden bars...

  4. Ooooh! I got Tulips too! :) Try using it with primer para more dramatic effect. I used mine during the Katy Perry Premiere. love it!

  5. oooh.. i am always scared to try out loose shadows. but i am loving the copper one. i will check them out soon!

    anyways.. i am a new follower. :)


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