Sunday, September 02, 2012

HBC BER Fever is On!

Gorgeous day, everyone! It's SeptemBER and you know what that means! IT'S MY FREAKIN' BIRTH MONTH! And if you want to send in gifts, just send me an email and I'll give you my shipping address. Hahahahaha! Kiddin' aside, it's the start of the BER months. For the younger people out there, who are still in school, they may actually be excited for the BER months because Christmas means more moolah for them; but for those who are already working and have a couple of god kids, it's kind of not a season to be THAT jolly. Falalalalalalalala! But this announcement from HBC got me all giddy and excited.

P.S. September REALLY is my birth month ;)

As you all know, I am in full support of local branded beauty products and hearing new stuff and new brands made by the Filipinos, just get me all excited. One of the local brands I trust is HBC. For my hair color to my makeup, they've got a decent product line plus they're super inexpensive. And when I received this even better news sent to my email, I just can't stop smiling.

HBC is having the BER Fever Sale offering up to 70% discount on selected HBC Beauty Exclusive products like SanSan, Allue, Body Recipe, Hortaleza Professional and Hortaleza M.D. The sale started last August 29 and it's up until September 3, 2012! For more info, drop by their Facebook account:

Comment the stuff you bought, K? ;)

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