Sunday, September 02, 2012

OOTD: Feel Like Being Fierce

 I'm finally back to my regular blogging program, AT LONG LAST! Anyway, I attended an exclusive Erzullie event last night and I invited a few of my blogger friends to come. I won't be talking much about the even because I'd be doing a separate blog post about that. This blog post is about my outfit for the night. So, it's an OOTN? Get it? Outfit of the Night, not Day? Err... Oh well.

So, for this outfit, I decided to be a bit fierce. I'm glad my dog, Jin, didn't take a bite out of me. I was, err, a cat. Or rather, dressed as one. Well, technically speaking, a tiger. But, hey, whatever. The Tiger Print top is from a Thrift Shop. Yeah, I love going to UK's (Ukay-Ukay) for some inexpensive clothes. I'm also wearing my very short shorts because I'm so into shorts nowadays. My legs have gotten a bit smaller but my arms - GRRRR.... Bite 'em of NOW! Kiddin'!

I was wearing a stereo with headphone inspired necklace and a camera ring bought from my trip to Cebu. I'm actually in love with my camera ring now. It's very simple and subtle and I can wear it even with my office attire. The stereo with headphone necklace makes me feel so kick-ass like I'm full of swag, dude!

I'm also wearing my Erb & Chet flats and I brought my Penshoppe Clutch Bag, which is gifted by my sister, I'm kind of in a dilemma right now if I'm gonna be buying more flats or more heels or go with wedges, perhaps? 

Last week, I attended a 3-Day Financial Literature Seminar and I've had a change of mind and plans. So, I'm still gonna buy more clothes (because I need 'em) but I'm gunna save up for each one of them. I need to save up for my future and of course, I want to be fully independent soon. I'm working out on a lot of projects and stuff for additional income, so bear with me if I'd be having random busy moments, okay?

What do you think of this outfit? ;)


  1. WEDGES GEL!!! Hahaha nice to see you again last night!

  2. ang cute ng flats mo!
    i think wedges and flats :))
    ang hirap maglakad with heels e ang lubak pa man din sa atin haha

  3. Love your tiger-print top! I love going to Ukay-Ukays too :) Btw, I saw a glimpse of you and Aya on the Phil Cosmetics Expo last Saturday. :)))

    I'm your newest follower. Hope you could follow back! :)


    1. Hindi na discreet ang pagpunta sa UK ngayon. Hehe. Sana kinalabit mo kami. Hope to see and bond with you next time ;)

  4. OHHHH love this!!! that cobalt clutch is AMAZING!!! such a gorgeous color!

  5. I like the title 'cause your outfit definitely spells FIERCE! :D Haven't been to an ukay shop for over 2 years na! hahaha.. I think I'll have to check one soon, maybe I can spot a great find too. Btw, you lost weight ah. Your face looks a lot thinner! Keep it up, Gels. Sabay tayo to the road of a healthier lifestyle and well-being.. :)

    PS: Wedges and flats for me.. ;)

    1. Thanks Sumi. Yeah, let's promote healthy living in the blogging community! :D

  6. Those flats are fun and quirky. Cute. :)

    Swing by for your chance to win a $100 Shopbop gift card!

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. Cute flats and nails!

  8. cute outfit! I love the tiger print! rawr! :) and your dog is as adorable as you (that is a complement, ha). :)


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