Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hortaleza, M.D. Puressence Facial Soap with Glycerin

Remember the Skin Care Wish Giveaway I had, which was sponsored by HBC? Well, they've been generous enough to let me try their new line of facial soap. The whitening one is not really something I prefer since I like my complexion as it is and the one for acne is something I've been saving up for when I get acne. So, I grabbed the Puressence Facial Soap and after a week of using it, here are my thoughts.

The formulation of this soap will give you a mild skin care and it has glycerin, which helps soften the skin. Awesome, right? So if you're always out all day and you think your face has accumulated so much dirt, you might want to give this facial soap a shot.

The Good Bits:

It says that it cleanses your face without drying your skin. That's a plus for me, since I, sometimes, have the tendency to have dry skin. Commercials will tell you that soaps are not for your face and that it get rids of the moisture locked in your face; but in this soap's case, it softens the skin and doesn't dry it up. It's an awesome feature, which will beat that common misconception, eh? I remember using soap for my face back when I was still a kid and only resorted to facial wash in liquid form when I entered High School so I don't see any reason why I cannot go back to using soap. 

I am absolutely in love with the seemingly coconut scent of this soap. It makes me want to take a bite out of it; then I open my eyes and faces the reality that it is a soap and not a coconut-flavored candy of some sort. The packaging is okay, nothing special, but decent enough to pass my standards.

The Bad Bits:

The family's kind of not used to using soap for the face so looking for a place where I could leave it dry and clean was a struggle in the beginning.

"Ma, saan ko lalagay 'tong sabon ko?"
"Sa lalagyanan ng sabon"
"Yung body soap nakalagay na doon eh."
"Bumili ka ng lalagyan mo!"


Oh, and soaps have the tendency to melt quickly if it's wet, so make sure it's in a dry place, okay?


It cleans my face and doesn't give me any bad stuff like acne or whatsoever. I might purchase another bar once it runs out. I'm giving this soap a rating of 9/10. Interested?


  1. I haven't used this one.. Currently using the Illuminous Soap.. Since my face got all tanned from my recent vacay.. hehehe! I'm on the 6th Day... :) I need to try this too! Anyhoo do you happen to notice anything on your soap when it dries up??? Yung sakin kasi may nabubuo na mga something ! I can't explain... hehe lol maybe its just nothing.

  2. ohh very cool i haven't used a regular soap bar for anything for awhile.. but i love the texture of how it looks the glycerin sounds very cool!

    1. i haven't used a soap too for my face for a long time. Last time I did I was still in elementary school. LOL

  3. How much is it? Thinking of getting one, pang dehumidifier ng cabinet... Then I'll use it as a body soap. :P

    1. forgot how much this was
      will ask hbc and get back to you ;)

  4. I need a gentle soap for the face. I'll check this out, thanks Jellie!

    ~ my beauty blog

    1. no prob chrissy. u should definitely give this one a try ;)

  5. I only use liquid facial wash.. haven't used bar soap in a looong while! :P

  6. Update us on this product if you've used it na :)

    The Misty Mom

  7. Bat po ang puressence nyo pong soap ay kulay White?? bat po ang akin ay kulay brown??


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