Sunday, September 09, 2012

Erzullie First Look: Holiday 2012


Growing up as a plus-size lady was not easy. Yes, I grew up packed with lots of confidence and I'm pretty tough in dealing with criticisms such as, "you're beautiful, only you're fat" or people calling you names because of your shape or size. Whatever their intentions may be, it's still quite hard to hear those words because being plus size will not define an individual's personality and it doesn't mean one cannot be successful. I finished college and got a good job in line with my passion and I'm pretty proud of where I am now. So, being plus size isn't really a bad thing, you know?

It could take forever if you would ask me to talk about how's life being a plus size girl. You all know I'm trying to lose weight; although my primary reason is for a healthier me. But I'm not aiming for a very thin figure and I'm not gonna kill myself on a diet. I'm just trying to eat less, more healthy food and EXERCISE. That's all there is to it. Throw away those stupid diet pills or coffee or whatever. They have side effects. Quit it. Do it the right way.

Anyway, as I was saying, growing up to be plus size is quite tough. The world of fashion has unintentionally discriminated us, plus size women, because it was so tough for me to look for clothes, which will perfectly fit me. Even if I'd like a shirt I saw in a shop and there is a chance that it will look good on me, I wouldn't be able to buy it because it will not fit me. That is one of the reasons why I don't have much clothes. There had been this embarrassing feeling inside of me whenever I'd try out something and wouldn't fit me.

So when I started blogging and found out about shops selling plus size clothes, it thrilled me and made me so happy to be plus size. It's a celebration of real beauty and confidence. So when Erzullie invited me and a couple of my blogger friends to their exclusive VIP shopping party, I got so excited, blocked the date and promised myself to go.

I met up with Aya ( at the MRT North station and we went first to the Phil Cosmetics Expo 2012. After dropping by the expo, we left Megamall around 6:30PM and arrived at Eastwood around 7:00PM. We met up with Jade ( and Jes ( at Johnny Rockets in Eastwood and went straight to the event place. 

With Berna :)
With Aries :)

The event was packed with gorgeous, confident and sexy plus size ladies! Everyone was very friendly esp Aries and Berna (Erzullie Owners) whom I met for the first time last Global Pinoy Bazaar. Shopping and chit-chat: that's how I would describe the whole night. But it's not just a night full of shopping for clothes. Butter's Closet was also there, selling accessories and Krave Minerals for beauty products. Awesome, right? After buying a skirt (which I won't be showing you in this post, but on an outfit post), we had our dinner at Bigoli. Hooray for unlimited bread sticks and drinks. We stayed at Bigoli for a couple of hours and caught up with each other's lives. 

It was a fun night with my blogger friends and meeting new gorgeous plus size friends. Thanks to Erzullie for inviting me and my blogger friends to the awesome event. You can shop at their Multiply account at:

Stay fierce, everyone! ;)


  1. Hooray to us! Plus size ladies :)

  2. i love shops that carry not only petite sizes!!! that's great to hear a brand such as erzullie exists! :)

  3. It's so nice to see that there are more and more shops catering to plus size women.. :) Fashion isn't only limited to petite sizes, so hurray! ^^ Btw, love your fierce top Gelz!


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