Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting an Undercut for Women

A new post from yours truly again and this time, let's talk about getting an undercut. Well, getting an undercut for guys is a normal thing; but a girl getting one is not-so. Even though a lot of bloggers and free-spirited women have been getting this kind of hairstyle, it will still get some stares and people will ask, "adik ba sya?" or something like that. Believe me, been there, done that. After seeing some bloggers do the half undercut hairstyle, I got so motivated and inspired to do the same. So, a few months back, I did.

May 2012 - I got my first undercut. However, it wasn't very noticeable and I actually ALMOST like it like that. I can still cover my shaved head and people won't notice until I lift it up for some bragging rights. However, it was kind of dull because it's just there, underneath my hair, and showing it off was kind of hard because the undercut wasn't really high enough to be comfortably shown by putting more of my hair on the other side. It was a drag; and so I let it grow.

August 2012 - I had my undercut re-shaved but with the same height. B-O-R-I-N-G. I got so scared of taking the shaved part higher because my work won't allow something outrageous as such. I can't even do my dream hair color. *Sigh*

September 2012 - My hair grew so fast! Well, it runs in the family. (Confession: I even have hair on my upper lip, which I either pluck or have threaded regularly)So, my undercut's really gone now. I decided to visit David's Salon at SM Valenzuela and requested for my usual hair dresser, Rudy. He's like one of the coolest guys who touched my hair. He always gets the style I want. So when I asked him, how high can my undercut go without looking awkward, I trusted his judgment and TADA! I have a higher undercut now. 

Things to Consider When Getting an Undercut:

Do You Really Want It?

Can you really see yourself sporting this kind of hairstyle for, let's say, 3 months? Or do you want to have it because it's the current hype? Getting this kind of hair style is like getting a temporary tattoo, which you cannot undo for a couple of months. It takes time for the hair to grow back. So, make sure you really want it before you say GO to those razors.

What Do You Do?

It's highly important that you take into consideration whatever it is that you do for a living. If you're doing freelance like blogging, styling, makeup artist or something like that, go get an undercut if you feel like it. Hell, shave all of your hair off. This kind of hair cut isn't actually okay for my line of work; but when I'm at the office, I could shift my hair to other side to cover up my undercut so all's good!

I'm the kind of person who gets bored easily with hair so I tend to either change style or color every month. Sporting an undercut isn't so bad as it looks like. People will turn their heads, people will whisper, people will stare, but to hell! I'm actually comfortable with this hairstyle esp when I go to the gym. I can just flip it to the other side if I feel like the heat's eating up my face. Awesome, right?


  1. So fierce Gellie! I don't have the guts to do this to my hair! :))

  2. whoa! brave girl! i don't know if i can pull this kind of hair

  3. OMG I LOVE IT!!! It looks so rad and awesome Gel!! Nicely done. =)

  4. I love it! It looks sooooo fierce on you! I definitely CANNOT ever get an undercut. I don't think people would take a nurse seriously if she had an undercut. @----@ :((

    1. An important thing to consider din tlga is work ;)

  5. If you're planning to keep this hairstyle for a while, buy a wireless hair clipper. 1k lang yung WAHL. I bought it at PCX.

  6. Real cool! You're so edgy with this cut! ;)

  7. FIERCE! You are so brave to try that hairstyle. I have never cut my hair above my shoulders. I salute you!!

  8. Galing naman Gellie! I wish I was as daring! I can't even bring myself to do a pixie cut! Hahaha

  9. Really edgy and cool! Question, if you parted your hair let's say sa middle, hindi ba halata 'yung undercut? :)

  10. Hi. I reallt wnat to have undercut. Pero ntatakot me :((( Help! baka mag sisis po kasi ako., huhu hahah thanks!

  11. When I got my undercut.. ayaw ako gupitan!! tinatanung pa kung alam ng parents ko, ilang taon ako, san ako nagwowork! ang asar ko..hmmmp T_T then after that the haircutter said :dami mo ng chicks after" .. napagkamalan pa nga ko.hahaha! OH well.. you should be prepared what other people might say as well for those who planned to have it... :)

    Thanks for sharing :)


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