Sunday, September 16, 2012

OOTD: My Sun Sets to Rise Again


This won't be just another outfit post wherein I'd tell you how my day went and what I wore. This post is more than just that. I was actually thinking if I'd make a separate blog post regarding my tat, but I decided to just merge it with this outfit post; because I'm so itching to show it to you all.  As some of you may have known, I had my first ink last Friday and I'm really happy with that. People may think I'm rebelling or whatever (undercut, ink, get it?); but I'm not! I mean, why would I rebel in the first place?

I told my friend, Dave (the one who introduced me to my tattoo artist), that getting inked is in my bucket list and I've been Google-ing cool tattoos for women on the wrist as I want mine on that spot. But it would just look like a copy cat if I go and imitate a tattoo I just searched on the web and I'm not much of an artist so I figured, why not just use words or a quote, which had a big impact in my life. I had two options but the preferred one was too long for my wrist; hence, I chose the latter, which turns out to be pretty awesome now.

My sun sets to rise again - Robert Browning

We have all been through a lot and I don't know if your case is worse than mine. I don't want to spill in the details of what went on in my life; but I had it pretty rough back then and it's all because of my own fault. My parents are awesome; though they're traditional with a lot of stuff, they're still awesome. I dunno what F*ck happened to me. I messed up pretty bad back in college (not grades, ah!) but I did a lot of awful shits. And those shits, which I enjoyed at the beginning, had left a scar in my life. I want to move on and start anew, so before graduation, I fixed everything and tried to do everything right.

My past may come back to haunt me, but I believe that it will never define who I am today. I am a changed person and I believe that the mistakes I've done before have helped me become a better person. I am still not perfect. Well, who is, right? But at least, I've learned from the shits I've gone through and I know that there will always be a brighter day for me.

For this outfit post, I'm wearing my white Korean top (will this pass as a mullet shirt? Can I call it that?), my new ERZULLIE skirt, my pink Satchel Bag from Hyphen Curiosities and a pair of jelly shoes. Not really in the mood to dress up cos it had been a rainy Sunday, eh? 

I'm putting up another blog post about my tattoo. I know it's not a big deal to some people, but it is to me. It was my first! Wah! Hahahaha! There had been a lot of FAQ so I'm making a FAQ post about my ink soon. If you've got questions about it, post it at the comments section below and I'll feature some of the questions in my next blog post about my tattoo. How about that?

Till next post!


  1. Cool tat! Mi mommy would kill me if I get one. :))
    Love your skirt, you sexay leydeh! :D

  2. I'm curious, in a scale of 1 to 10 (10 the highest)... how painful it was? :)

  3. Another curious bee here but how much did it cost you to have a tat that small? And what tattoo parlor did you go too? It's also in my bucket list to get a tat. :)

  4. omg im not brave enough to get a tattoo especially our society is very much judgmental as it is.nice tat. you should do a separate blog post on our tat :))) nice tat!

  5. I love the tattoo and the sexy skirt!

  6. I love your bag, Gellie! I also would like to have a tattoo on my wrist- which looks like a bracelet, but small enough to be concealed with a watch if ever I attend a very formal event. Your tat is gorgeous.

  7. I got inked like a decade ago and I don't regret it at all-- some say that it's kinda surprising because I'm not the party girl at all, more like the designated driver type. Ultimately, tattoos are a personal statement. I think yours is cool, like a war cry that will keep you going when things are not as smooth sailing :)

  8. I've been a pussy when it comes to being inked despite how much I adore tattoos. Wish I'd get the nerve to try one day.



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