Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment

Back then I was always visiting salons for hair treatments like hair spa, hot oil, hair rebonding and event coloring. I always say, “they know how to take care of my hair more...” So I knew it was all worth it. My hair was okay and I never had any problems with it. But as most of you may have known, I am not a frequent salon goer now. Thought I still do especially for my haircuts or maybe for special treatments I can never do, aside from that, I tried doing things at home.

It was all because of GRADUATION.

Hahaha! Nothing really scary happened during graduation. To be more specific, it was after graduation when my mom told me that she wouldn't be giving me anymore money. Well, it’s fair, I guess, since I've already graduated and with a job a few weeks after; but of course, salary wasn't always great on your first job (unless you’re a lucky son of a gun). So, I had to do things differently. Unlike some fresh grads who were allowed to rest for a few months or maybe those who have saved enough money (money and I quite hate each other ‘cos I’m a bit of a... okay... I’m such a big spender), I’m quite unlucky. So I have to be smart with how I do things.

Enjoying my hair spa at home :)
Fast forward to 2011 and 2012 – I guess I’ve learned a lot and maybe more after graduation. And one important thing I’ve learned is that you don’t always have to go to salons or derm clinics for your skin or hair’s maintenance. You can actually do things at home and you’d save more money by doing so. For example, to keep my face zit free and smooth, I was a frequent derm clinic goer, but now, I don’t have zits and I haven’t had a facial for, I dunno, 6 months or more? And now, thanks to HBC, I don’t have to go to salons for my hair spa. How much does a normal hair spa cost in a salon? P300 or more, right? Well, if you’re doing that, I have a better suggestion for you: Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment.

Okay, so here’s how you should do it:

1. Shampoo your hair; Rinse then towel dry.
2. Gently massage a sufficient amount of the product onto hair and scalp
3. Process hair using a shower cap for 20-30 minutes
4. Rinse; though there’s no need to re-shampoo
5. Do this once a week!


A protective lid :)

It's all coco-ish white ;)
It’s waaaay inexpensive than having your hair spa in salons. I mean, for only P200+ (forgot the exact price. Sorry!) your hair get to enjoy a hair spa treatment, which will last for more than a month. Imagine spending P300 every week for your hair spa? It’s pretty unreasonable, right? For this giant hair spa treatment tub (500g), you get your money’s REAL worth. I love the not-so salon-y scent and the minty feeling it gives your scalp. Feels like your hair and scalp’s really having the time of their lives. Your hair and your pocket will thank you for it!


I, honestly, can’t think of any.


Smooth, bouncy and silky hair! :)
I’m giving this product a rating of 10/10. Gosh, HBC’s been saving me so much money. I was actually gonna buy the Black Pelan treatment but sales attendant at HBC suggested me to try this one instead and I have no regrets! So, what are you waiting for? Go try this at home. Let me see if I can ask my mom and sisters to pay me P100 for their hair spa when I use this on ‘em. Smart move, eh? LOL


  1. Super sulit talaga ang DIY hair spa. :D I need to do this more often too, but I'm sooo lazy. Haha

    1. Same here. Nung una tinatamad talaga ako to do this at home pero come to think of it, mas makaka-save ako plus walang hassle in commuting papunta sa trusted salon. xD

  2. yay same here after GRADUATION I realize i need to do things in my own way - DIY are so inexpensive!

  3. Haven't tried this yet! For deep conditioning, I use Lorys/Hair Heroes. But interested ako sa minty effect nito. Will check this out pag ubos ko na yung mga hair stuff ko. Thanks for the review Gel :)

    1. Welcome, Aya! You should definitely try this one out :)

  4. Best of all, it's proudly Philippine-made.

  5. I will try this one. I used to have dry and dull hair because of hair treatments that have ruined my hair. I hope it will help me bring back the natural glow of my hair.

    1. I hope it works well on you like it did on me :)

  6. i tried it too , no regret :)I'm combining the hortaleza keratin hot oil treatment and hair spa :) super like need expensive treatment or go to the salon, for only Php 13 per sachet worth it talaga.I'm so lucky to know this one :)

  7. Pwede ba yan sa untreated hair? kasi ang hair ko naturally wavy but very frizzy lang. Hindi naman damaged kasi isang beses lang ako nakapag pa gloss and that was 6 years ago pa. Nagpakulot din ako pero sa bandang bottom half lng nag hair ko and that was a year ago and i already got a hair cut so wala na din yung mga sunog na part ng buhok ko. thanks.


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