Tuesday, October 09, 2012

OOTD: Random Casual

Apparently, I’m not very stylish.

I don’t follow the trends, I don’t follow the rules, I just put on whatever I feel like putting on and voila, I’m good to go. While everyone else was wearing mullet skirts, peter pan collars or Aztec prints on tops, I’m stuck with my usual basics or something spontaneous and outrageous, which doesn’t always please the public.


If we would be basing being stylish as per the social norms maybe I am not stylish. But in my own opinion, fashion is for everyone and style is always dependent on the individual and not just by what society dictates. That or I’m just over-confident. Hahaha! But I did have my fair shares of insecurities. I’m not perfect, no! But the point here is to overcome those insecurities. Can we do that? Why can’t we?

What some people think makes us strange or weird we think is what makes us beautiful. - Suicide Girls

For this outfit post, I’m wearing a DLSU shirt bought by my sister from the Taft Shop. Okay, I’m not from DLSU, but my sister is and we have this matching shirt because we think it’s just so cute. For my skirt, I’m wearing my Erzullie skirt. Erzullie – Fierce Plus Size Fashion, awesome, right?

I’m also wearing my camera necklace bought from Cebu and my Reebok Real Flex shoes, which is my one and only rubber shoes and my blue Penshoppe clutch bag.

My blog wants to encourage everyone that we can all be beautiful and stylish in our own special ways. Confidence is the key and you’re sure to release that beauty you’ve long been hiding.

Till next post! 


  1. i like how you styled the DLSU shirt :)

  2. "Confidence is the key and you’re sure to release that beauty you’ve long been hiding." - TRUE THAT! :)

  3. Waa ako wala na rubber shoes. haha napamigay na. I only have sneakers na lang (which I just got this weekend). Are those the ones you told me about - yung Reebok shoes? Hihi

  4. I love the DLSU school spirit! And how the shirt looked glammed up despite it being a simple ordinary tee lang!

    The Misty Mom

  5. -Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.

  6. the camera necklace looks SO cute, love this casual outfit of yours!


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