Thursday, November 08, 2012

Saizen Hand Cream in Strawberry

I WAS a self-confessed impulsive buyer. I see something cute, I buy it. A sales attendant treats me so well inside a store, I feel the urge to buy whatever he or she is offering. GRRR... Okay, I WAS. I WAS. But not anymore. Thank God to my new motivation, ehem Bangkok, I'm slowly becoming more kuripot. Haha! I am kuripot in a sense that I buy cheap stuff but the quantity is... oh no. I buy cheap stuff and by stuff I mean plural. And this is actually one of those impulsive purchases I've made.

I saw this Hand Cream near the cashier of Saizen Trinoma and I was like... "ANG CUUUUUTE!" And then next thing I know I'm paying for it. I can't really understand the directions because they're all in Japanese (but the label says it's made in Korea) but it instructs that it should be used on one's hand after washing thoroughly. And the caution part was a bit funny. Talk about wrong gramming... este grammar (lahat na pinansin no?). But it was adorable. For example: "Do not transfer and use from original case, it may be changed it's original effect." - Whaddya think, eh?

The Good Bits:

I love, I love, I love, I super duper love the cute packaging of this product. Whatever it is, I'm still gonna buy it because of the packaging. Okay, correction, I might have still bought it. Not gonna 'cos I'm not an impulsive shopper anymore. Upon twisting the cap of the product, you will see that it's sealed so you'll know it hasn't been used before. Oh, and knowing Saizen, you should probably know that it's super cheap for P85.00. The scent... Oh my... It reminds me of strawberry flavored pretzels. My officemate asked for some of the hand cream and I had to warn him to not lick it off of his hand. LOL. I love the sweet strawberry scent of this hand cream. And since it's a hand cream, its moisturizing effect really performs well. My skin was soft and moisturized the whole day. I only had to re-apply when I washed my hand.

The Bad Bits:

As a hand cream, I can't really see its con. Plus it's a really cute product. What do I have to rant about? Oh, yeah, I think it's not a necessity. I can just use my regular lotion. LOL. 


(L) With product | (R) Product rubbed on my hand and sipped in my skin

It's a good hand cream, which I'd recommend for those who think they need a hand cream. And even though the con I see is that it's not a necessity, I still love the moisturizing effect it gave on my skin, the delicious scent and the cute packaging. So, I'm giving this product a perfect 10/10. Need a hand cream? Try this one!


  1. Haha eto pala yun! Naiimagine ko yung amoy niya! Yung Jack 'n Jill Berry Knots kaagad ang naisip ko. Yum

  2. WOW!! Such a very Kawaii(cute) packaging!! Even I will be tempted to buy this >.<haha. That's why when you sell your product, one should make their packaging more presentable and eye-catching.. It's a plus points to a customers' desire to buy!!hehe
    I hope I can try and buy this product here in cebu Ms.Gellie!

  3. Awww! This looks so cute! I saw a peach one like this, sa Saizen Trinoma rin! ;)

    1. there's a peach flavor? nga next time ;)

  4. Sayo ko pala nakita to girl~! Nice meeting you! Hope to see you again soon:D


  5. strawberry pretzels?!?! that's crazy that smells sooo nommy!!!!

  6. i love hand creams, this looks interesting coz i love strawberries too hehe :)
    ~aMz/aiMee <3


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