Wednesday, November 07, 2012

OOTD: Keeping it Simple

With sister, Czarina of
Here in the Philippines, it's customary to go to the cemetery on All Saints' and All Souls' Day. It actually kind of becomes a mini-reunion of some sort with your whole clan so everyone's pretty excited for it. Plus! This year's All Saints' and All Souls' Day is a super long weekend. Isn't that just awesome? Everyone's pretty excited for it and I'm one of them. Yipee! Although we just went to the nearest cemetery and it wasn't a big reunion because I just live next door to my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, it was still a pretty awesome night with all of 'em. Best part of it all is getting to try all the street foods available just at the entrance of the cemetery.

For this outfit post, you wouldn't really expect me to go all bongga-ness(What a term. Pfft.) right? I mean you're going to the cemetery and chances are there'd be so much people in there that wearing heels aren't really recommended. Plus the weather's kind of bipolar so wearing heels would only mean that you might get your heels stuck in a sticky puddle of mud. So, I just need to wear something comfy and simple. 

For this outfit post, I wore my Reebok Crossfit shirt and folded the sleeves (so I'll look so kickass! LOL), which is kind of loose on me now, thank God! Can't wait till my body becomes that of Lacey Jones and I also want to be as good as her in poker and be an FHM cover girl... Am I dreaming too much? LOL. Oh and good news! A few months back, I bought a pair of plus sized shorts from Ward88 based on my original waistline but when the shorts arrived, to my surprise, it was so loose. AS IN! So my waistline dropped more than 5 inches! Honestly whenever I'd lose weight, it's always the tummy, which goes down real fast and my arms seems to be always behind. I'm also wearing my Cebu-bought camera ring and owl connector ring and my pair of flipflops from Penshoppe.

As you may have noticed, it doesn't really matter to me if I'm wearing a simple shirt and shorts. My post says, Outfit Of The Day; hence, this is what I really wore. It's something I'd like to share to everyone that we can all feel fab and beautiful even in our usual casual wears.  You don't need to have designer clothes or bags or shoes or whatever! Wear your outfits confidently and you'll sure to rock any scene!


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