Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to your Second Closet!

It was just some randomly browsing in Facebook for some good laughs when I accidentally stumbled upon this new online shop in my newsfeed – Second ClosetOnline Clothing. I looked at the clothes and accessories and I was so drawn to the stuff they sell. I showed it to my sister and she fancied the tops they offer. My sister’s quite the pihikan type when it comes to clothing, so if she liked something, it must be really good.

And now, here I am, receiving a package from this awesome new online shop. They sent me the green mustache top, an edgy headband and two mustache-inspired rings. One is a normal purple mustache ring and the other is a black connector ring, which is so totally my current favorite.

Cute mustache stitched :)
(L) Purple Mustache Ring | (R) Black Mustache Connector Ring

Edgy Headband
There’s actually one word, which comes into my mind whenever I’d look at their collection – EDGY. And you know what my taste is in fashion – eccentric and edgy and their stuff just blew me away. I was like – this is just so me! They have tops, which I bet you’d love for sure, and edgy bags and accessories. 

Hope you can check out their Facebook Shop: Second Closet Online Clothing (click the link) and go LIKE and put them in your interest list so you’d get updates on their latest stuff, okay? I love shopping online but there are only a few shops, which I trust and this is certainly getting a slot in my list.

You’ll soon see me wearing the accessories in an outfit post and my sisters ( in an outfit post too here in my blog because I so wanna show y’all how awesome their stuff looks when worn. So if any of my readers also follow my sister’s blog, you’d be all excited to see her outfit post here in my blog. She doesn’t show her face in her blog, EVER. Oh, and for those who do not know, my sister’s blog is all about Anime and Manga. So if you’re into knowing the latest anime releases, go drop by her blog every once inawhile. Hell, follow her too! Haha!

Till next post! :)


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