Wednesday, December 05, 2012

OOTD: School Girl Wannabe

 I am a sucker for Japanese school girl outfits. If only I would look kawaii in one, why not, right? But I don’t have that cosplaying appeal in me so I guess I’d settle for the slightly Japanese school girl look, which might look okay on me, at least.

Last Saturday, my family and I went to Bulacan for our mini-family reunion. What should I wear? I want something, youthful looking yet I’m not settling for pants ‘cos it was such a hot day. I want shirt and something light on the skin. Then, I saw this cute white frilly skirt from my closet, which I haven’t worn in awhile and decided to try it out and see what would look good on it. I remember buying this skirt during the last Bloggers United Bazaar I’ve attended from Marj Sia’s booth. It’s a perfect fit.

Why not go all white, then? So, I grabbed this white blouse from The Big Shop and put it on. I loved how it paired nicely on my skirt. I also love that it has a ribbon in front giving me that school girl peg. I actually, initially, wore a cute red ribbon on my hair earlier that day but it was so hot that I can’t maintain that do. Boo!

I’m also wearing my Shoe Gallery Wedges (so dalaga-like no?), my Second Closet moustache ring and my bag from The Hyphen Curiosities. Whaddya think?

My Saturday went well. I was able to make chika again with one of my favourite cousins, Sheila and it was just a great day to catch up with what has been happening to everyone. After our mini-reunion, we went to Manila to have our dinner at Dencio’s in Harbour Square as we wait for my younger sister, Czai (, from her org’s party. Too bad she wasn’t able to join us for dinner, which was such an awesome bonding moment for the family.

So, how about you, how did your weekend go?


  1. Love the outfit! especially the skirt!<3 :)

  2. aww you look so pretty!! definitely like a japanese doll!! :) you look gorgeous!!

  3. You have a very cute skirt. Yeah, so dalaga like ang shoes! :)

  4. Cute and girly! Could pass as a casual lolita look! :3

  5. i loved it!!! ang cute plus you look lovely!! I love your eyebrow ^_~

  6. Wow, I love the color of your hair. Do you mind sharing what specific color that is? :D

  7. Cute bag! That dress is so girly, so perfect with your side sweep do!
    Love that thick eyebrows too!


  8. adorable! how did you get your eyebrows that color? did you dye it? I've always wanted to change my eyebrows lol

  9. I love your hair Ms.gellie and the hair color as well! But what caught my attention was your eyebrows!! Do you have a tutorial on how you fix your brows po?

  10. You have scary eyebrows. O_o

  11. you look super cute! I also have a thing for the Japanese schoolgirl look. :)

    My saturday was super hectic attending a lot of errands and working at the same time! haist! ang mahirap pag pasko pag walang pera! haha!

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  12. Can I help you with your eyebrows? I'd be more than happy to help.. :)


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