Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Walk Down My Hair Coloring History

I have been asked a couple of times about my hair color and other stuff about hair care. Whether they’re from the comments section of my blog to being personally asked by my friends or co-workers, I just can’t give ‘em a straight answer. Why, you ask? First of all, my hair color is a product of different hair colors I’ve tried and second, my hair has gone to being brittle and damaged to being bouncy, smooth and soft again. Well, to answer the question once and for all, here is my hair color history post and some hair care tips for those who want to walk on my hair coloring path too. LOL.

My first hair coloring experience was back when I was still in 6th grade. I think it was the usual cheap blonde hair coloring of some sort done by our family’s trusted gay beautician back then. It was a few days before my elementary graduation but then when I stepped in High School, I was asked to bring my hair color back to black; hence I’m back to being a normal-looking black-haired Asian kid.


2010, after college, I really wanted my hair colored. After experimenting on some new styles on my hair, coloring is next on the list. I’m a cheap-ass kiddo so I went to this cheap beauty parlor near home and thought it won’t make a difference. I got my hair colored for only 500PhP and I was, initially, happy until the beautician from the parlor asked me to choose a hair color style from his pile of entertainment magazine. *Gulp* I know this was gonna be a disaster but I still gave him the benefit of the doubt and pointed to a color I liked. After a few minutes, he went back with his hair coloring stuff and went on with the treatment.

RESULT: The color was okay but my hair was DAMAGED big time.

LESSON: Trust your intuition, woman!

My second hair coloring experience was in 2011 after resigning from my 2nd job, my mom though of treating me to a hair makeover. Thanks, ma! We went to Reyes Hair Cutters and my hair was finally pampered well. I actually forgot what kind of color was put on my hair but it was something red and I loved it. They also gave my hair some treatments, which prevented it from drying up. Here is my blog post about it:

However, when I finally got my 3rd and present job, I became one helluva cheap-ass kid again. Come on, it’s my own moolah we’re talking about, man! I need to know how to cover up my roots without overspending. Then I discovered the Etude House Bubble Hair Colors, which is a dream come true. Why, you ask? First of all it is inexpensive and second, it is so easy to use. So far, I’ve used the Etude House Hair Coloring twice and I’m okay with the result, plus the after-treatment conditioner was just awesome.

After a couple of months, I got bored with my hair color again and decided to try out something new. Let’s go with violet! I tried out the Mondes Low Ammonia Coloring Cream in Violet and I love this outcome! However, when I got my hair cut and was recommended to try out Keratin Treatment by the beautician in a hair salon I went to, the color was washed out but I’m glad it gave me a gorgeous red hair color so I’m not completely depressed about it. But I still would want the violet hair color. It looks so kickass.

Right after using the Mondes Hair Color

After the Keratin Treatment has washed off the violet color

Right now, I have this goal to give my hair the lightest it can get so the last hair coloring I did was Richenna Bubble Color in Golden Blonde. It didn’t give me the blonde I wanted yet but I’m willing to wait and use blonde over and over again to get it to the lightest color it can be. I can’t do bleaching and I’m quite unsure about it as well because it will damage my hair big time so that is what I can do right now.

Hair Care tips for Colored Hair

1. Patience is a virtue! Give your hair a few months break before coloring it again. It pays to wait to prevent your hair from further damage.

2. Use your trusted hair treatment religiously. If you’re going to walk down the path of my hair coloring adventure then be sure to use good hair treatments to take care of your hair. As of now, I have been using Hair Creams from HBC weekly and it has given back the bounce and softness I’d love my hair to have again.

3. If you’re not into doing your own treatments, go to your most trusted salon for it. Your hair needs to be taken care of if you’ve done coloring. Don’t let your hair suffer just because you’re a lazy-ass or kuripot.

4. Don’t use shampoo every day. Whether you color your hair or not, it is not really recommended to shampoo your hair everyday as it may dry your hair up and you don’t want dry hair naman, ‘diba? What I do is shampoo my hair two to three times a week and condition it afterwards. But I use conditioner every day.

How my hair color looks like right now :)
Maintaining a colored hair isn’t very easy. You’ve got to take extra care of it and be very patient. If you think you cannot maintain and give it extra care, might as well keep your hair virgin.

A lot of you have asked what color my hair is, right? Now, you know why I can’t give you a straight answer. I won’t be able to tell you if you can have this color starting off with black, but if you want the exact color as mine, try walking down my hair coloring path, then and good luck! 


  1. Ooh! So eto pala yung kwento ng hair mo. :D Favorite ko yung recent one!

  2. I think the violet and your color now really look awesome. Hindi dry tignan. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

    1. I wanna try violet nga sana ulit. Maybe next year :)

  3. I love the color right nowwww! tapos match pa ng brows mo! :)

    1. oo nga eh, hehe. but i want sana kasi mag pa-blonde pa. hehe :)

  4. i loveee this! i wish i had documented my hair color changes this is so neat! i love love your current hair color now it's so pretty on you :)!

  5. "try walking down my hair coloring path, then and good luck" HAHA OMG winner ng last line. I like your current color and your hair looks soft na :) Pero parang I wanna see you with red-violet hair din! Ang cool eh :D

    1. gusto ko din balikan, yun. hehe.

      kasi, nagkasira sira na buhok ko because of hair coloring buti naayos ko pa. lol

  6. Nice tips Gellie! :)
    I only tried Etude House so far hehe. Your hair color looks good now.

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  7. the last one look super cute on you~ ^_~

  8. Wow. Your story is so detailed ah. I can't even remember some of the colors I've used on my hair. Haha! Experiment to the highest level kasi ako e! fave color ko on you is the last one too! :D

  9. I'm kinda missing consistent hair treatments for reasons that it goes very expensive due to my hair type. Though your tip #4 is somewhat that i follow diligently.

    Brown-reddish hues works on you well, love the last picture. What product did u use btw?


  10. yeeeah cheap hair dye def make a different esp when we have to bleach our hair! I do love the hair color you got now!

    1. Thaaanks! I just can't bleach my hair. Don't want to damage it that far xD

  11. I also love coloring my hair from time to time! Your current hair color is so pretteh! <3

  12. i love your violet hair! thanks for sharing your hair thoughts! ;)


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