Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aliyah Feminine Soap: Award Winning Philippine Made Product

It was a stressful day at work. I was asked to attend a meeting in Ortigas and was really overwhelmed with the stuff I’d be doing. But hey, I’m not really complaining because even though things can get pretty crazy at work, the good thing here is I’d be able to learn a lot. More stressful experiences mean more opportunities for learning and improving. Just always look on the brighter side of things, people and stop complaining. When you’re dumped with tons of work that means you’re entrusted with bigger responsibilities and you’re that good! Well, as I was saying, I was at a meeting in Ortigas about work related stuff when I was introduced to a brand new Philippine-made product named, Aliyah.

Some of you might already be aware that I am working for a Microenterprise Development Organization helping the micro entrepreneurs here in our Philippines. And you know my personal advocacy, which is to support the local beauty industry as to my org is in supporting Philippine-made products. I jive well with my org, eh? So one of the products, which our organization support, is Aliyah – an award winning Philippine made feminine soap.

Natural Lactic Acid from Natural sources have anti-microbial properties that help clean and give a soothing feeling that last all day. No itchiness, no dryness. Aliyah Feminine Soap is the ultimate feminine hygiene.

It has won a Gold Medal from the 5th West Euro Intellect Exhibition of Invention, Research and Innovation in Sofia Bulgaria and Gold Medal d” argent – Most popular product at the 2nd Salon Mondial I: Innovation EAU in Casablanca, Morocco. Now who wouldn’t trust this now?

The Good Bits:

First of all it’s very inexpensive. It’s less than a hundred bucks so you need not to worry on your budget. It lasts long compared to other soaps and the soap itself looks really pretty and very feminine. True to its claims, it doesn’t itch down there, it doesn’t dry up my vajayjay and it doesn’t have any scent. It leaves a refreshing and squeaky clean feeling down there. Honest! It has garnered awards overseas, why not give this a try?

The Bad Bits:

The packaging itself is not yet that striking and appealing and it’s not available in most stores. But I tell you, it’s worth ordering.


Would I repurchase? 100% yes. I am proud of this soap since it is an award winning Philippine-made product. With my good experience in trying this out, I’m giving this a rating of 10/10. Spread the word about this amazing new feminine soap. You see, every time you buy this product you help send a child to school too. You see, you do not only get to support Philippine-made products but you also get to help send a child to school. Isn’t that an amazing feeling?

Should you wish to give this soap a try or order send me an email at: or you can contact Aliyah directly at: (02) 6389364 / (0918) 4823957

P.S. Definitely no demo on how to use the product or before and after pictures. LOL


  1. It's my first time to know that there is actually a bar soap as feminine wash. Nice post. Natawa ako sa :)

    New post is up: I am Jenniya

    1. I thought nga the best are the liquid but this one has won awards na internationally plus it's Philippine made kaya mas bilib na ako dito :D

  2. Hi Gellie! I've been accustomed to liquid feminine washes, so I find this intriguing. I'm also an advocate of Pinoy products. I'm so glad to have found your blog! I'll definitely try this pag naubos na ang stash ko.

    Anu-anong awards pala napanalunan nya? Is it organic?

    1. I wrote it up, dear - pertaining to the awards it has won :)

      Hope you can give this a try. You may contact them for orders. They're looking for re-sellers din who can help them spread the product all over the country na we have an award winning Philippine made feminine soap :)

  3. wow.. this looks interesting :) Haven't tried this yet though but looking forward to trying it too.. :)

    1. You may email me if you want to order or contact Aliyah directly for it :)


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