Sunday, February 03, 2013

Nanny Rose Queen Bee Four Slices of Raspberry Cheesecake Lip Balm

I have been very confident about my lips these past few weeks. Since it doesn’t dry up even if I forget to put some balm on before my lipstick (It is a routine for me to apply balm first before lippies) and as most of you may have known, I’ve been having my upper lip IPL treatment so I’m pretty confident about how my lips look. But just three days ago, I felt this crack on my lips, which made me so pissed because (1) it doesn’t look good and (2) it’s uncomfortable, you all know the feeling (unless you’re so perfectly made that you’ve never experienced cracked/dried up lips) and how annoying it is. So I need to double up the moisturizing again and make it an endless habit this time around.

Since I still have the Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee Four Slices of Raspberry Cheesecake in my makeup stash (unopened), I decided to give this one a try and use it at night. I used to apply balm at night but then I got so lazy I eventually forgot the habit and this I have really learned my lesson.

This delectable union of honey and raspberry is like enjoying a heap of the sweets without having to worry about the calories! Melt this balm onto your lips and savor its moisturizing goodness all day long.

The Good Bits:

Pouty moisturized lips <3
First of all, it has a very cute and sassy packaging. It has that feminine feel in it that will really grab your attention. The flavour of the balm itself is very tempting as well – Four Slices of Raspberry Cheesecake? Come on, who in the world wouldn’t want to try that out? It also has a sweet scent, which is not very strong so those who are very sensitive on scented stuff won’t be bothered much. It is colorless so if you’d be wearing it under your lipstick, it won’t interfere on the color. Have tried using it under my lipstick and it didn’t change the shade at all so no worries on that part. Oh, and of course, the most important part is that it did give the moisture I wanted on my lips. I have been using this ever since my lips got the stupid crack and now it’s gone and my lips feel healthy again.

The Bad Bits:

First of all, even though it doesn’t bother me much now because I’ve been using this at night, I still don’t like the fact that I need to dab my pinky finger into it just so I can put it on my lips; a bit unhygienic if you ask me. It doesn’t have an SPF content so it’s not the perfect balm for outdoor use. I prefer using balms with SPF content on my lips, thank you.


A smile with no cracks or dried up lips. Loooooove much :)
It’s a lip balm which I would be recommending for night use. It gives the proper moisturization my lips needed and it smells good. Imagine if you’re sleeping with someone and you’ve got this on your lips... Hmm, I bet that someone won’t stop kissing your sweet scented and moisturized lips. Aww. Hahaha! What am I thinking? LOL. I’m giving this product a rating of 7/10. It’s not the holy grail lip balm but it definitely gives your lips the moisture it needs especially at night since that’s how I use this so that’s how I would recommend it as well.

Do you moisturize your lips at night? Do you use a different lip balm during the day? Share your thoughts at the comments section below. Would love to know your answers and thoughts regarding this product.


  1. I moisturize my lips at night only. Not every night though. Looks like a must-try product.


  2. wow! this is amazing indeed! :) I sooo need this for my chappy lips. I'm still hunting for the perfect lip balm for me though.. might consider this :)


  3. Ohh sayang naman walang SPF! :( but the name of the product is quite intriguing, and nakakagutom LOL

  4. It's too bad it doesn't have SPF, pero wow it really looks quite moisturizing. I'd love to get my hands on this cause my lips are ALWAYS SO DRYYYYYYYYYYY


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