Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catching Up with an Old Friend and an Announcement!

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Never burn bridges...” I remember my college professor instilling this in our minds.

One fine Saturday morning, I decided to meet up with a colleague of mine from my last job. We have managed to keep in touch thanks to the modern technology that is Facebook. We talked about stuff over coffee, caught up with each other’s lives and then she opened up about this new venture she is into.


Okay, so they’re like this group who gathers models, throws in a contest and gives tons of opportunities and modelling projects for the contestants especially the winner. They train the aspiring models; help them with their portfolio and stuff, awesome, right? So for those who are interested, they are currently accepting applicants for their second batch so if you’re interested to start kick start your modelling career with one of the nicest people in the industry, join MODELO NEXT IN LINE.

They need someone who is at least 5’3” in height with a smooth and almost flawless complexion, someone who registers well on the camera and has good set of teeth (without braces). Oh and male or female applicants are welcome to join. And if you’re asking how you can contact or join ‘em, well here’s how:

1. Email for a copy of the registration form. Fill it up and send it back to them.
2. Screening process for the applications will be done during the last 3 days of every month.
3. 15 lucky ladies and 15 lucky guys would pass the screening process and photo shoot details will be sent via sms

How you get to win?

Photo with the most LIKES win but everyone is given ample opportunity to develop and harness their modelling skills and stuff. The winner will be announced every end of the month.

For more details, you may opt to like and subscribe to their fan page:


Aside from this modelling business my friend, Hanna, has been in we are also currently planning on a business partnership soon! It’s still in the making and would be a surprise so better watch out for it. It’s something I know a lot of you would love and of course I do too! It’s so nice to catch up with old friends and suddenly start up something amazing with them.

Cheers to my awesome friends!


  1. ohhh this is neat!! well, I've heard of never burn bridges, but I've also heard of "let the bridges I've burn light the way" :)

  2. nice saying :) i always like inspiration quotes or quotes
    btw i tagged u in an award sis ;)

  3. I have to agree that you should never burn bridges. But sometimes, you just have to especially if the bridge wasn't strong enough in the first place.

    Sayang, sa height lang ako pumasa! haha!

    1. Well, yeah, there are those special instances. :)

      Ako wala ngang pinasa eh. Hehe :P

  4. thanks for this, i will be referring this to my friend :)


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