Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OOTD: Those Were The Days

We thought they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day...

Sister (Theblacksheeproject.blogspot.com) and I can still remember the first time we’ve stepped at Museong Pambata. It was one of the best places we’ve been at and have been part of our awesome childhood. The best spot in Museong Pambata, which we have been at, was where you can pretend to be vendors of pork, vegetable and seafood in the market or a barber shop owner or a panadero. Sis and I had loads of fun. So when we were invited to this birthday party in Museong Pambata, we were both thrilled to attend. Okay, it was a kid’s birthday party but the whole fam is going and there’s a tour around Museong Pambata so all’s good.

Against the friggin' LIGHT!
Janine | Christine | My momma | GELLEESH | Czai (Theblacksheeproject.blogspot.com)

There were stuff, which didn’t change (especially the one where you’d see a replica of the Binondo Church) but some spots have really been through a major reconstruction. Sis and I have missed some of the old stuff displayed while you’d be amazed at how beautiful some of the new displays and features are. There used to be a Chroma stage back then where you can pretend to be a TV actor, change clothes and see yourself on TV. It was way back in 90’s, I think, because my youngest sister, Christine, wasn’t even born at that time. Been ages, man, been ages!

For this outfit post, I opted to wear something young, bright and vibrant. I wore a bright pink top from SM Surplus, A sheer cropped top from Ward88, Shorts from Solita, My ultra cool pair of Skechers Go Run, Kick ass arm party bracelets from Tomato, A pink Eiffel Tower Cameo necklace bought from Cebu and I brought my pink shoulder bag from Hyphen Curiosities.

I feel so 80’s in this outfit, man. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably know how in love I am of that era. They say that the 80’s has the best music but worst fashion sense, which I find to be ridiculous! The 80’s era was one of the craziest but most ultra cool fashionable eras ever! They have experimented on colors, colors and more colors and they weren’t afraid to go wrong. They were able to really express themselves without worrying what baduy means. Time to wear those (now) silly geometric figures printed on your pants or those multi-colored bright skirts and tops. Go sport a bed hair, teased hair or even a Mohawk! The coolest people lived in the 80’s.

I want to insist that I am an 80’s child. Hey, I was born 1989, can it pass? But I grew up during the 90’s so, yeah, the 90’s was cool as well but not as rad as the 80’s still. The eras, which have gone by, reminds us that time moves so fast and that we should live life to the fullest and live like it’s always the end of the world tomorrow. Love while you’re still young, make mistakes and learn from them, try out new things, be crazy and live the moment. If you missed today, you probably would live tomorrow full of regrets wishing you have tried at least that cheesiest and silliest thing.

Carpe Diem!


  1. i love this cute and casual outfit! your shoes are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute omgosh i love that color combo!

  2. I've only been to Museong Pambata once, and now I'm missing the place! Anyway, love how you ended this post ;) I have to brave na pala fashion-wise and try new things before I waste away my youth XD

  3. Cute :D So very Punky Brewster!

  4. those shoes are so cute, and love those neon laces you got on them!

  5. Your shoes are so eye catchingly pretty! I love!

  6. Very nice pos. Love thoes shoes, and hair :)


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