Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OOTD: Accepting Things and Being Better

Cat Ears Headband: Toycon PH 2013 purchase
People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.” – Salma Hayek

With cousin and sister, theblacksheeproject.blogspot.com | Shoes: Diesel

It has never been an easy journey and every day I struggle to show people that I am happy and I accept things as they are while constantly working hard to improve myself, my health and the way I feel inside. But there would be times when I feel like I want to push a “fast forward” button just because it still gets to me. No matter how many motivational quotes or blogs or books I read, when people say it, when people make fun of you and when people judge you for the way you look, it will still get to you. It still does.

Shirt: Kirra
My positive motivations would sometimes turn into insecurities of “how I wish I am like blah blah blah” and it just confuses me if I am still being pushed into becoming better in my own point of view or because I just don’t want to be made fun of anymore. Yes, this is an outfit post and a personal post on my thoughts about things lately.

Swim Wear: Sogo/SM Department Store

I am imperfect. I hate my arms. They’re not a match with my current body size/shape. I kind of don’t like my nose, the other day I was getting talked into having a nose job and to tell you quite frankly, I’m not totally against the idea but neither am I saying YES to the nose job yet. I want to have longer legs. Well, I just want to. I wanted to have a bigger butt because it just isn’t proportioned with my body shape.

But from the aforementioned things about what I don’t like about my body, I suddenly realized I love my skin color and how mocha-ish it is now because our recent swimming escapade. I love my hair because it’s not curly, not so straight but just the right kind of wave some people wanted to have. I love my eyes. It’s so easy to put makeup on them. I love my cheek bones and how they just show up when I smile. Oh, I love my smile; it makes me feel beautiful all the time. I love the cute little dimple on my left cheek. I love showing it off! I love my fingers and how soft my hands are. I love my tattoos; they gave me temporal pain but lifetime of art on my body. I love the way I talk, the way I walk with confidence and the way I converse with people especially when I’m complimented about how I am actually intellectually stimulating.

And to think I was feeling insecure.

This post is not something I’ve thought about like how it would end or what the conclusion should be. I just started off with the idea of an outfit post and the fact that I hated how my arms look like in the picture and voila, I came up with this.

Things will never be easy for girls like me but I know that there is beauty in me which some people may disregard. Still, I know there are those few who appreciates who I am, what I look like and how I strive to be a better person every day.


  1. you go, girl! and to anyone who has anything to say otherwise, magpakita sila! like as if over naman ng kagandahan ang mga anonymous haters na yan. pay no mind to those that do nothing but post things to ridicule you--it takes a lot of guts to do what we do, and trust me, we all have issues that we're insecure of. i happen to think you're beautiful and brave, so you deserve hats off talaga. keep doing what you're doing!


  2. You know sis, it's just the skewed society that molded what is "ideal" when it comes to body shape, facial features, etc. Bakit nga ba "in" ang pagiging tingting? While it's hard to pay no mind though, I think the best way talaga to fight off the occasional insecurity (that society is putting on us) is to pay more attention on our good features. And honestly, I admire you for being confident and brave. You're more beautiful thank you think you are, Gelz! Stay positive lang :) *hugs*

  3. The positive outweighs the negatives. I'm sure everyone has insecurities, physical or not, but it's just a matter of looking for the good instead of focusing on the bad. :)

  4. Just so you know, I appreciate you a lot, Gel, and I think you're beautiful :) HUG!! >:D<

  5. Do what makes you happy, Gel! God is your strong backup. Don't mind the people who always try to bring you down, because it just mean you are above them. I also have same difficulty with you and I think i'm not in the position to cheer you up coz I often criticize myself too -.- But now I'm coping up on it, so you should too! Hugs hugs hugs! You are beautiful, no matter what they say :))

  6. This is so inspirational, there is lots of things i dont like about my self too, but focusing on the assets and being positive will make the situation much more better. Go Gellie hehe (cheers) BTW OMG u went to Toycon, didn't see you sayang! super daming tao TAT
    ~ Please join my On Going GIVEAWAY 7 Winners! :)

    1. Oh I did but first day ako pumunta para makapagpicture ng toys ng maayos and makapamili ng di masyado madaming tao. xD

  7. I'm so glad you're taking a stand! Perfect is just a state of mind ;)

  8. Above all gellie always remember , It's always the personality that catches the heart at the end of the day:) <3

    I know its sounds like paulit ulit.. but once your happy about yourself the universe will collide. :)

    Honestly, insecurity bite. I hated how skinny I am.. I eat alot gawdd.. how could I still look malnourish.. If only people know how much I eat tapos sasabihan kang payat it sucks! it hurts.. like sometimes I wanted to say : wag mo ng sabihin ang obvious. isn't it?

    Just surround yourself with the people who love you :)

    btw, me I wanted to have a breast augementation someday.. hahaha!! :D

    See you soon!

  9. I want that cat ears headband din! ang cute!! you are pretty gellie! ^_~

  10. you're in inspiration my dear!!! i wrestle with this EVERYDAY myself!!! you look GORGEOUS though babe!


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