Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OOTD: Take Me Away With You Tonight

Top: TickTock InsoMOONiac shirt | Shorts: Solita
When I told you guys that JUNE would be a pretty awesome month for me, I wasn’t just talking about my SECOND BLOG ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION. It was also about people I love coming to the Philippines for a well-deserved vacation and a chance for me to spend some time with them. Last night (June 11, 2013), my ninang with the rest of her family, arrived here in the Philippines from Iowa and they’d be staying for almost a month. What excites me more is the fact that I’d be able to hang out with one of my closest cousins who is a smart and barely 18 year old girl.

Shoes: Skechers Go Run | Pouch: Elle | Owl Connector Ring from Cebu

June 12, 2013 – It’s a holiday and Happy Independence day, mga kababayan! We went to SM Valenzuela to buy some necessities. I accompanied my cousin to buy a facial cleanser and mask at Snoe Beauty and a moisturizer from Watsons. We then enjoyed a Golden Sun Milk Tea at D’ Cream while talking about random stuff. Oh, we’d be hanging out a lot and I’m taking her places!

I’ve been filling up my weekends with night outs and some random shitty stuff that I guess June will be pretty different since I’d be spending them with people I love. Oh and it’s not just my cousin who’s coming because a good friend of mine back in HS will also be staying for about a week (if I’m not mistaken) here in the Philippines and I just can’t wait to hang out with her as well. I’m excited to blog about the stuff we’d all be doing together and I know I’d have tons of fun.

Lately, I have also been coming back to listening to songs I used to enjoy back in High School. I love and still love Urbandub but the song which I’m most hooked into these past few days is “First of Summer.” It has this cool and romantic feel to it that just makes you want to go out on a road trip with someone special at night and MOMOL. Ahahaha! My Filipino readers would understand what that means! Haha! Am I being too open about stuff?

Dating? Yes. Who? Well, if things go well, you’ll know. If not, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME to me then.

Drive me away ‘cos the night just feels right. Take me away with you tonight. Anywhere with you...


  1. Lovely pics!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  2. You are such a pretty girl!!! Lovely snapshots as well! Just started to follow you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can follow me back;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  3. I love that ring its a beauty... looks like you having fun I must listen to First of Summer

  4. I wish things goes GREAT on you and your special someone? perhaps lolz! you look great sis! ^_~

  5. you look so pretty!!! i adore your makeup in this post.. and your tennis shoes are so cute i love the colors!

  6. babe peg ko yung rubber shoes mo at ang ganda ng nakasulat sa shirt bagay sa ating puyat girls. :) hhihi miss you!

  7. I usually go out in this outfit to Gellie, haha pero I wear slippers. :)

    1. I used to be a flipflops fan pero mas nakakagalaw kasi ako ng maayos with rubber shoes. in this case, running shoes. medyo malikot kasi ako. haha! :)

  8. gellie you have really cute shoes, di ako mahilig sa rubber shoes pero that one i like :D

  9. Great outfit! So cool:)


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