Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Want your own Rebecca Minkoff Bag?

What do Nina Dobrev, Emmanuele Chirqui & Agyness Deyn have in common?
 One does not simply just put her stuff in the bag; for a bag is more than that. Would you believe it if I say that a bag can make or break an outfit? 

"Ridiculous!" some may have responded.

Or are you one of those who who replied with an "I feel for you, sister!

I remember when I know nothing about bags - one which can carry my stuff is enough. I used to not care whether it would look good or not with my outfit. But things change and I can honestly say that I know how somethings should be now. I make better decisions as to which clothes may look good on me or perhaps the right pair of shoes for work or for that date... Or can also be which bag will be perfect later?

Zalora, in partnership with Rebecca Minkoff, is giving away... yes, GIVING AWAY, one Mini MAC (Morning After Clutch) in purple to one lucky Zalora shopper who will use the code: REBECCA.

This awesome giveawat will run until the 31st of August. So, don't forget to use the code before checking out and get 10 chances to win that very classy and feminine clutch from Rebecca Minkoff.

For more information, you may visit Rebecca Minkoff in Zalora or just visit!


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