Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Day I turned 24: Growing Old isn't so Bad After All

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Blow your cake and make a wish!

Oh how I wish things are just that easy. I mean, you can just blow a candle and poof! Your wish comes true the next day. But things don’t go that way. You can’t just wish your way out or into something every birthdays and I have struggled through a lot of ups and downs in my 24 years here in the world. Oh, wait, I’m not going all emotional and shit on this blog post. This is, after all, my birthday post and it’s something I should be thankful for.

My life as a 23 year old girl has been pretty exciting, I must say. I ended a 3-year relationship around November of last year and started going out on dates again when the New Year kicked in. It’s pretty fun, actually. I get to go out with guys who have different perspectives in love and other things. Some are really nice, some can be total jerks (yes, you can spot a jerk after a few dates) but the experience is still good.

I also worked with a party list this February. I did the script for their AVP and also campaigned for them. I remember attending their motorcade in Pampanga which was so much fun. I have learned about their advocacy, about the people they’d want to help and how clean their intentions are in the Congress. And yes, they won a seat! They deserve it.
Also this year, I haven’t been blogging everyday like how I used to. Some of you may ask... Why is that?

Quality over quantity.

I have noticed how some of my earlier blog posts aren’t very enjoyable to read and lack personal touch. What does a blogger really do? Well it’s all about sharing to our readers our own personal experiences on things whether it may be a review or an event we’ve attended. And if we fail to give that personal touch, it feels like we have eliminated the essence of really being a blogger, right? And as a 23 year old, I have seen that. So when I feel like I’m not inspired to share something sensible with you, I’d choose not to post anything at all. I’d like a personal touch even on my reviews and look posts. So, I’d prefer for the thought and emotions to sip in before I write.

So, I guess my life as a 23 year old had really been full of learning and excitement and I am thankful for every bit of challenge and gift God has given me.

I wonder what this next year in my life has got to offer.

Thank you to all the people who have been a part of the crazy and wonderful 24 years I’ve lived.  I still have got a lot more to learn, to experience and to improve. Don’t give up on me, k?

How I Celebrated my Birthday:

It was a nice Sunday lunch out with my family at Max’s Restaurant, a known Filipino family restaurant and nothing really fancy. I believe I don’t need a really big celebration to say it was the best birthday ever. Every year is my best birthday because every year I grow, learn new things and become a better version of myself. I don’t have many gifts to brag but the genuine greetings my family and friends gave me. I appreciate each and every person who has made my birthday wonderful and a special thank you to a special friend who stayed up and waited the clock to strike 12mn (well it is like 6 hours earlier from where he is), dressed up on Skype, just to welcome the 8th of September with me. He is like one of the most intellectual and sensible person I have met. See you soon!

Well, I guess, that’s it. I’m 24. And I guess I have to get used to saying that.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Gellie! Looks like you had a great day with your family! ^^

  2. Happy Bday! May all your wishes come true and more power!

    Loving it!♥

  3. Naks - just blooming!

    Happy Birthday! I'm glad your life has been full of fun and learning and it should be like that, ihih!

  4. youre so cute on that last shot gellie. happy birthday! :) i actually like your emotional posts i like it when bloggers share a little something personal about themselves :)

  5. Happy birthday, Gelie! When we were younger, we'd always want a bunch of toys on our birthday and as we grow old, I agree: we're fine just spending time with those closest to us :)

  6. aww happy birthday love!! i must say you're getting prettier and prettier heheh so it's a blessing as time goes on hehe! celebrating with close family and friends.. that's the best kind of way to celebrate a birthday i think :)

  7. We have the same birth month! But I just turned 18 so...;P I hope you had a great birthday! Every birthday is always a great time to reflect on how your life was and imagine how you want it to be in the future. You are only 24 but you have so much wisdom in you. I hope for more success for you! :)

  8. Yaay! Happy birthday Gellie! Hindi ko rin alam kung ano mafefeel ko kung ako nag 23, 24 haha Baka mafeel ko ang tanda ko na pero sana by that time I achieve something na at least no worries kahit tumatanda diba? By the way, thanks for recommending my blog to your sis! I replied your comment in my blog! :)

  9. Happy birthday sis! More power :)

  10. Happy birthday, Gellie!! We're almost the same age pala! :D

  11. Belated happy birthday, Gels! :) Wishing you more happiness, love, blessings and birthdays! I know your journey as a 24-year old will be a blast!

    Anyway, I feel you. I don't post as often na rin, and I really believe in "quality over quantity." We blog to impart something to our readers, so if we don't give it our all, better not to post anything nalang. XD

  12. Always remember its just a number! Happy Birthday to you :)

    As we grow old, we see things differently, we act differently and we think differently. Basta I know whatever you are right now is the your best version. Version 24 :)

    Miss you gellie! Got a lot of kwento.. can't wait to hang out again :) mwuah!


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