Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Recent Discovery: An Online Korean Fashion Haven

Last Saturday, I went with a friend to catch up. We were hanging out at the Al Fresco area of this mall up North, drinking beer, eating unhealthy fried food and just people watching while talking about our lives.

Dead Air.

 What to do next then? Well, she dragged me to the department store to do some window shopping. Girl bonding, yey? Ney! Although I am girl, it's a pretty common stereotype that we all enjoy window shopping/shopping in general. Don't get me wrong, I love splurging on some good clothes, shoes and makeup but I'm not just the type who goes around store per store, stall per stall then come back again to choose what I want. It's just so tasking and tiring, don't you think? That is, perhaps, the reason why I do love online shopping. Hey, I'm just sitting at the comforts of my home while I can browse on some good and awesome finds.

Recently, I stumbled upon this online shop which features Korean Fashion pieces; and I know how Filipinos are, right now, very into anything Korean. From the telenovelas, to the movies (which, by the way, I do enjoy as well), music and even their styles... Name it, some Filipinos are in it.

Oh, hey, say hello to Cleocat-fashion.com! They have a wide variety of fashion pieces to choose from. But when you look at the prizes it may seem like it's a wholesale fashion or wholesale accessories type of pricing, eh? Well, pricing, yes, but purchases? Oh, men. You can buy even a piece for wholesale prices which means you get these clothes for less without going wholesale at all! Isn't that amazing?

 Plus, good news to fellow plussies, they do have some plus-size Korean-styled clothes there. When I checked them out, I just can't choose which one I'd love to buy because I honestly would want to hoard all of them. Hahaha! 

So if you're still into the Korean craze and wants a certain Korean fashion peg, you might want to visit Cleocat because I definitely will. Share with me at the comments section below if you find something cute you like there, okay? ;)



  1. ohhh thanks for the link!! i love fobby asian fashion haha. going to check it out now!! :)

  2. I'm actually looking for nice online shops. Will definitely go browse!

  3. It's been a while since I last online-shopped. I miss it. Hahaha. I rarely buy clothes online, though. I think never pa nga yata. Shoes, I have, but clothes mismo, not yet. Iniisip ko hassle pag maling size eh. Thanks for sharing, Gel! Will check out their plus-size line :)

  4. I really love onlineshop lalo pag taga ibang place kasi you get to order cheap findings noh but it takes awhile to arrive. Haha

  5. Wah! Please be careful with this site! I've had a lot of friends purchase and were very disappointed with the site! Be careful! There are a lot of reviews they wrote so check up on that before purchasing!


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