Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OOTD: Knock 'em out and Walk Away

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Can’t knock ‘em out, you can’t walk away. Try desperately to think of the politest way to say...

We have all experienced something like that. Something like: Guy all cocky approaches you and thinks he is all that but then you’re really not interested. It’s actually kind of funny how some guys can be very superficial and would improve every bit of his body except for something up there, which, apparently, matters much for me.

I’ve been out there, you know, just going out, meeting new people and stuff and although I can say that I’ve met some “okay” guys there would still be the occasional “uhh... Never mind. NEXT!” I’m not even intentionally implying that I’m great and all that and that each guy I have dated is into me because we can never please everyone and I can never always be their ideal girl. What I’m saying is that, I think we’ve had our own fair shares of date disappointments.

Sorry love but you ain’t a pretty picture...

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It’s not about being overly picky. It’s just about your own set of preferences. Whenever someone would ask me, “what really is your preference?” Honestly, I’m not even asking for much. I just want someone who can intellectually stimulate me. Basically that’s it – for a good date, that is. A partner is way too advanced for me to think about. I mean, I’m only 24 and I’m still considered to be part of the “early 20’s stage,” right?

Go away now, let me go. Are you stupid or just a little slow?

Dating tips (Yes, I’m giving some):

1. Expect less and just enjoy. Shit happens. Just go with the flow, don’t expect for that sparkly happy-ever-after ending or you’ll end up worrying if the date will end well and won’t be able to enjoy the moment as it is. You may or may not like your date at the end of the day or it can be the other way around; so might as well just enjoy the moment and let things happen naturally.

2. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are – well, at least not the “picking your nose and farting on the first date kind of yourself” but don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Dates are supposed to be about getting to know each other not trying to impress the other person, okay?

3. Stop Projecting too much. If it’s the first date and you really, really, really like the guy – STOP. I mean, you like him, good, but don’t be like texting him every second or every minute that as if you are soon to be jumping in a relationship. Seriously, take things slow and don’t create overly projected scenes up your head. That’s when you start expecting and becoming overly attached at such an early stage.

4. Look Good. Do I need to explain this more? I mean, not about being superficial but at least give an effort to look decent, clean and good.

5. Avoid TMI (Too Much Information). On a first date, you are still getting to know the basic things about each other so this is not the time to spill out major details like ranting about your past relationships or your family problems. Wait until a few more dates or even until you are exclusively dating. But eventually, you would know when you two are in the stage of being already comfortable enough to share such things. Just not on the first date.

Live life and enjoy it. Don’t rush into things especially if you know that you don’t deserve to be in it. Don’t go jumping into something just because you think you wanted to be in one. Rushing things can only lead to major disappointments. You have your own set of rules, set of preferences so stick with it if you think it’s what you deserve.

Just get out my face, just leave me alone. And no you can’t have my number “Why?” because I lost my phone.

Outfit was worn during my cousin's 18th birthday celebration - Rock star themed!

Happy Birthday, Cheng! :)

After party coffee hangout


  1. I think the best tip for dating, and of course, in life, is to be yourself. We don't need to impress anybody because we know we can't please everyone. As long as you're comfortable with who you are, I'm sure everyone else will be. :)

  2. ROCKERS! Hihi. I love it! Thanks for sharing some tips Ms. Gellie! You look awesome in this outfit! ^^

  3. haha I've never really liked a guy that much on the first date... I don't know, it's a bit too early to tell, but then again it's prob diff if you've been crushing on a guy and then you go on a first date with them

  4. Cool outfit! I'm a new follower on bloglovin and I'd love it if you followed back :)


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