Sunday, October 27, 2013

See you at the Blogapalooza 2013: Blogging the One Less Traveled By

When was the last time I attended a blogging event?

I can’t remember, honestly. I have been very busy lately with my full time job that I do not want to compromise my blogging nor my full time job so might as well choose the one which brings more food on the table and that means – my full time job. I have also limited my blogging to 2-3 times maximum a week because I do not want to blog just for the sake of blogging. When I blog, I want it to be something personal and something which my readers would really read. I want to share a piece of myself to my readers and I believe that it’s what blogging mainly is- sharing a piece of yourself to the world so they can learn from your experience/s.

However, we can never deny the fact that blogging has made a significant impact in our country and a lot of people have earned good from doing this. I am pretty amazed, honestly. But as much as I would want to make blogging my full time job, I still consider blogging as my hobby and a way for me to distress and relax while enjoying some perks! That way I won’t be too pressured into blogging when I don’t feel like sharing something or if I’m not in the mood to write.

When friends ask me about blogging and why it’s such a booming industry I simply tell them – “Imagine, real people giving out their real thoughts on things, products and events and sometimes they get paid and sometimes they get x-deals. They, eventually, get a decent number of followers; the whole world may see their blog and brands don’t need to pay too much.” Seriously, I know some brands who managed to make it big because they started with bloggers.

Blogapalooza 2011 (Photo grabbed from:
I can still remember attending the very first Blogapalooza event and I can honestly say that it’s the perfect way to let brands meet and talk with bloggers who will be able to reach out with their target niche. And attending this year’s Blogapalooza event is my way of saying, “I’m gonna be actively blogging again.” I will still be busy with my full time job but I’m happy that the reorganization in our org is already done so it means I can find a good balance again with my work and blogging (Tsaka na love life, sakit lang ng ulo dala niyan, haha!). But seriously, I’m ready to start attending blogging events again, hang out with my blogger friends again, meet new ones and just have fun!

This year’s Blogapalooza event will be held on November 16, 2013 at the Function Rm 1, SMX Aura, Taguig; and I am pretty excited to meet new brands for my blog and as well as see my blogger friends again! It is the BIGGEST and BADDEST Business to Blogger Networking Event and I will never want to miss this. I’m glad I’m part of the first 150 bloggers to be included in the list.

For those who are still interested to join this event, you may visit: for more details!

Who’s going? See you!

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