Monday, December 30, 2013

OOTD: And This is My Christmas 2013

And I though this Christmas will bring me something I have long been craving for.

But then again, things don’t always go according to how we want and plan them to be. Just like what I always say, “shit happens,” and all we can do is to deal with the present and make the most out of it. I am, and never will be, the type who sulks into deep depression when things don’t go my way. I find ways on how I can deviate my attention into something more joyful and more worth it. This Christmas, it’s actually not that hard.

Top: Ward88 | Skirt: SM Surplus | Belt: Genevieve Gozum | Shoes: Forever 21

Before the Holiday vacation kicked in, as in on our last working day, I received a very good news that just made me feel so elated I could probably jump out of our office window... Okay, that was exaggerated, but yeah, it was an awesome news I have long been praying for. I will be sharing to you all, in a separate blog post, the “good news” I was talking about and it’s perhaps the best Christmas gift my work could ever give me.

I have my family and friends this Christmas, which makes everything amazing because they are the people who really matter more and I wouldn’t trade them for anything superficial in this world.

Ring & Necklace: Bazaar find at a stall in Conspiracy (Forgot the name of the shop) | Bracelet: Gifted by Ros
You see, for the past two Christmases (2012 and 2013), I have been single and, to tell you quite frankly, the last time it happened was way back 3rd year High School and I was 15 years old then; and now, I’m 24. Crap. Time flies so fast. But for whatever reason, I’m actually happier. I feel free and more loved and I feel like I have learned to appreciate myself more with each and every heart break I get from almost lovers and almost happenings. There would be times when I would reminisce some memories and imagine what could have been; but at the end of the day, I’m fine. I  can always just smile and say, “something better is bound to happen.” You see, life is not just about that. Life is not just about finding someone to be romantic and emotionally connected with but it’s also about building friendships, learning new things, becoming a better person everyday and appreciating the beauty of the world even in its simplest form.

With my photographer for the day: Christine, my youngest sister
This is the season to be happy, to rejoice and to celebrate the coming of Christ. Why do people need to act selfish by continuously craving and asking for things that will only give them physical satisfaction when, in fact, Christmas isn’t even about that.

With my god children. Photo op before I hand them their gifts

With geeky sister ( at Tito Jules and Ninang Joy's place with their, cutest to the core, daughter, Janine. She just woke up! LOL

With my two younger sisters visitng abuelo :)
Tell me, how was your Christmas 2013?


  1. I wonder what that good news is. I'll be looking forward to reading all about it in your next/future posts. Happy New Year! :)

  2. Wow you look amazing dearest Gel! Yes wanna know the good news also. Happy new year! mwah mwah!

  3. you look amazing. and i love how your paired your skirt with those pink shoes. ^^

  4. So pretty and sexy mo siiiis!! I love your outfit here!! <3

  5. Oh I actually like the color combination. It is something unconventional but it does look good. I'll try to remember this combination. thanks

  6. I am curious about the good news! Go post it na! :) (chismosa much) Yes, Christmas is not about the material blessings but more of the connections, experiences, and memories that we create. And more importantly, to commemorate the birth of our Lord who gave us all these blessings. Happy New Year, Gellie! :)

  7. I looove your shoes!

    Okay, it is my first time here i think, but I got curious about the good news.. So I might come back for that ;)
    My Holidays is just usual, bonding with family :) Thankful that 2013 has been great! :)

  8. Lately I've been really liking it when you go for a 'corporate' look as always, pencil skirts suit you best.


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