Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OOTD: So You can Have a Little Whine and a Moan

I’ve never been on my own that way;  just sat by myself all day.

Moving on is hard. Deal with it. We will get our hearts broken a lot of times but we should always keep in mind that if we do not take risks, time and love will pass us by. If we keep on asking and praying for a hundred percent assurance every single time, we will never get it, EVER. So, might as well continue on with your journey to singlehood rather than setting so much expectation for something that has just been starting up.

Pink Tanktop: SM Surplus | Knitted Bolero: Jo-Elle Shop | Shorts: Ward88 | Shoes: Fioni at Payless
I have to admit, there would be times when I set expectations and when it is not met, it breaks me so much.  You live and you learn, I guess. But although, we do know what to do, we know what could possibly trigger those negative emotions and we are aware that this may not work out after all, we still give in and paint this fake reality up in our mind. And when it all starts falling apart, we tend to put the blame on other people. Fair enough, they have their fault; but we also have ours. We are responsible for letting our imagination wander off too far.

I was so lost back then but with a little help from my friends I found the light in the tunnel at the end.

Thank God for realizations and thank God for giving me the power to move on just like that. I guess I have learned how to deal with my emotions well enough that a supposed heartbreak rarely hurts me so much. Have I become detached? I hope not. Well, actually, I think I’m not. It could be just because experience has taught me so much and my eyes were opened as to how stupid I was back then. I have, somehow learned how to just shrug it off and continue on with my life. But... Yes, there is a but; I still want my revenge.

Whenever you see me, you say that you want me back.

If your revenge includes stabbing to death till the blood rushes out, then go to a mental facility ‘cause you’re friggin’ nuts. You know what the best revenge is?  “Being a better version of yourself.” You only live once, true. That is why you should learn how to enjoy life and its complexities rather than bitch about how awful things have been. Show what they’re missing and show how you’ve been pretty awesome after they left.

At first when I see you cry, it makes me smile, yeah it makes me smile.”

Evil, I know. But you’re really not doing any harm if you take my advice. What you’re actually doing is using the pain and hurt that has haunted you before into becoming a better person today. Trust me, you’re not going to get just the revenge but also a better life, a better perspective on things, better looks and a better someone who would be able to accept how imperfect you are and still love you despite of.

At worst I feel bad for awhile. But then I just smile. I go ahead and smile.


  1. awww.. I agree sis.. it's always better to move and change for the better! :) Welcome to the club of singlehood!!!! hihihihi :D

    P.S. you look sexy here! love the ensemble! :)

    1. Thanks, Rhea! Single is sexy, that's all I can say! Hahaha! :D


  2. dang girl!! lookin sexy!! so ready for singlehood hehehe! :p

  3. Yay! Single?? Kaya pala sumeseksi! I like the color combination! More OOTD! :)

    1. Single with an active dating life! Hahaha! Thanks, Patricia! :D

  4. I agree with this... breaking up is really hard sometimes... but sometimes things are not meant to be, and a few years when we look back we will see it!

    1. True! For awhile it will hurt but then when things are going better, we'll realize that things do happen for a reason :)


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