Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2014 is the Continuation of My Jubilant Existence

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They say, “New Year, New Me;” but I say, “New Year, just another normal day!” This may seem a bit pessimistic for some but truth be told, I have started improving myself June 2012 and I did not need the January 1 date to improve and change things in my life. 

I believe change genuinely happens when one really pushes for it and is very well motivate by his or her own intentions may it or may it not be part of one’s so-called “New Year’s Resolution.

I can honestly say that I live a happy life; but never one that I can call as “perfect” because, really, do we only find happiness through perfection? If that is the case, no one will ever be happy, don’t you think? I still have my downs but I never let myself dwell so much on them because at the end of the day, life goes on and time will never wait for you to move on, stand up and fight back. Challenges will come whether we are ready or not and we cannot just cowardly back out because that is when we stop really living life.

I have learned to love and appreciate everything that God and life, itself, has given me. I have learned to forgive and let go of the things that caused me pain, but I will never be all good and that by saying that it was an easy process because it wasn’t. I needed to accept the fact that physical attachments will only lead to disappointment because, eventually, people and things will leave our sight; but once we learn how to love and appreciate them for what they, presently, are without attaching so much of ourselves, that is when we will learn to let go when it’s time to let go. Fact: Nothing lasts forever. Even people we love, they will eventually leave, may it be an emotional break-up or the end of life itself; but you know what will remain? It is the genuine love we have for them that even if they’re gone, we will never have any regret, anger or such things; but only happiness because of the memories shared and the time well-spent.

With some officemates during our org's 27th year Anniversary

 My 2-year relationship with the organization I am currently working with had its own ups and downs. I was in a bit of a shock when I found out that I won’t be part of the Conference in Davao this January; but I learned to let go and was able to move on to that fact. However, for the last day of our work day, I received a news: I am now going to Davao (flying out of Manila on January 8, 2014) to attend the conference and it was another shock, only this time, the happy kind. It will be my first time to visit the city and to go to Mindanao so I am pretty excited about this. So, if I have readers based in Davao, I’d be there from January 8-10, 2014 for a 3-Day Conference in SMX, SM Lanang. Where am I staying? Oh, just around there. Do I need to disclose that? LOL So, if I have readers and fellow bloggers who live in Davao, tara, let’s meet up and hang out! I’d love to meet new friends!

Okay, some people have been asking, “are you single or in a relationship?” I am single and open to dating. Hahaha! This is not a blog post to advertise myself but more of to answer the question once and for all. I am happy and I will accept whatever life and God has in store for me. 

OOTD: Just Passing Through

Changes? Well, they are inevitable. They are currently happening even before the New Year and Christmas so listing them all down here will be pretty boring. All I can say is that I am continuously improving myself in every aspect and it will be like this till my last breath. Because, really, no one is perfect and all we can do is improve and adjust ourselves to the constant changes in the world, right? I am contented but will never be satisfied. I will push for better things in my life always and will remain to be that ambitious and driven girl. As my blog banner says it, “a small town girl with big dreams.” Yes, that is what I am.  

Thank you for being wonderful, 2013 and welcome 2014. Let’s continue rockin’ this awesome life of mine!


  1. Yes, changes will always be part of our lives. As they say, it is the only constant thing in this world. Ironic, isn't it? You look gorgeous on the last picture! :)


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