Monday, February 24, 2014

OOTD: When it Comes to Loving Me

I would have given you all of my heart; but there’s someone who’s torn it apart.”

And even though I have been constantly telling you all to take risks and move forward in life, there would be times when the past would just haunt and stop you from doing so. It may seem quite annoying and frustrating at first; but there would, actually, be instances when it haunts you just to tap your shoulder and say, “You’ve been there. Do you really want to go back to square one and do it all over again?” How would you know? You just will.

I know I have moved on (because I have that amazing gift of not dwelling so much in the past); but lately, my past has been haunting me and reminding me of why I should be careful this time around. For when I keep dipping my toes in the water without assessing it initially, I might soon be numb enough to, actually, not care at all; and that is the scariest part.

Dress: SM Surplus
I still want you by my side; just to help me dry the tears that I’ve cried.”

Do I want this just to help me move on or do I genuinely want this? Sometimes I get so confused between these two. I get so overwhelmed with the temporal joy it brings that I, eventually, forget to assess the situation and how I really feel deep down inside. I wouldn’t want to be used to get over someone so I shouldn’t do the same. I should never be so selfish to disregard the feelings of other people just so I can satisfy my own. As much as how some people may call it, “survival of the fittest,” I wouldn’t want other people to feel used and wasted at the end of the day, same as I don’t ever want to feel that too.

Necklace: Bazaar-bought

Belt: Gifted by Ros | Bag: Gifted by Mama Bels

Bracelet: Gifted by Ros | Scarf: Pashmina

Shoes: Parisian
I don’t know if I ask for too much sometimes; but, maybe, I just want someone to prove to me that he deserves my trust. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself; but it’s what keeps me alive, keeps me sane and keeps me from making the same mistake again. And as much as I know that not all men are the same, sometimes, I still can’t give in that easy. It will always take time, but I know it will be worth it in the end. It should be.

Baby, I’ll try to love again but I know...

With sister, Czai. Strutting our stuff. LOL


  1. you are so gorgeous babe!!! i'm loving loving your hair too!! so fresh and free!! just like you will be :) i know holding on to the past is hard but someone as amazing beautiful (both on the inside and out!) has amazing things in her future i just know it!!

  2. I guess temporary joy can be like drugs hehe puts you on high! But don't worry, Gellesh! You're a pretty girl! This look is so cute!

  3. When you're hurt, it can be very difficult to forget. Sometimes the scar just never heals. That past experience will always haunt you no matter how much effort you put in forgetting. The ghost will always linger. But I always take that as a lesson not as a temptation to go back; lesson that you made a mistake and that you should never go back. It is just a reminder that you need to move forward and let go of your excess baggage so you can live happier and content.

    1. True. It's not just about taking risks but also carefully assessing the situation :)

  4. Yey! UmoOOTD ka na! I like it! More prints and outfits ah! So girls like you will inspire dressing up more. :)

  5. So pretty and sexy siiis!! I love the dress on you!!! <3 :)

  6. You look good! I found myself singin "the gift" while reading your blog for some reason :))

    Dr. Love mode:
    Sometimes letting go hurts. In every relationship that passes us by we tend to learn and be matured on the next relationship. For every heartache you experience, you come closer to meeting Mr. Right. When you come out of a relationship, that is the time where you reflect and make yourself better. Practice makes perfect even in relationships i guess.

    Hang in there sister! You still have a long roller coaster journey ahead :D

  7. the pattern and color of your dress is so dainty. It look so good on you! :)

  8. never be afraid to fall in love again! btw , cool dress and bag! :)


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