Friday, March 21, 2014

OOTD: Walking Down that Path

It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Once you take a step forward towards the decision you have committed to do, always be ready for the consequences of taking that path. There would always be two sides in each path we pursue; and fact is, we should always have the courage to face whatever it is that we need to deal with. For if we cannot, well then we should not have made nor taken such big of a risk in the first place, right?

TOP: Gifted by Ros | Shorts: Ward88 | Flipflops: Carribean from

I have taken big risks in my life right now and I really prepared myself for the consequences that will jump onto my lap. But I am quite elated over the fact that the paths I took, which may have pushed me in bigger adversities, have really crafted me into becoming a better version of myself today. The moment I moved in Pampanga, I already have plans on what to do and I thought I’d be able to go through with it. However, things changed and the new challenges I’m facing now has definitely upgraded me in a totally new level.

I learned how to do chores, how to cook, how to REALLY budget and best of all, I can finally say, “pwede na akong mag-asawa.” Haha! Kidding! On a more serious note, I have learned how to really be independent. Honestly, this is an unexpected thing, but I am really glad that it happened.  I will be moving at a different apartment with one of my best friends at work, Ros. I have decided to really live in Pampanga and start a new life here. This is definitely an exciting journey for me.

BAG: Hyphen Curiosities | Bracelet: Gifted by Ros
I thank my dad for being my provider until I moved in Pampanga. Although I have already been earning my own money and paying for my own bills, the fact that it’s my dad & mom who own our house in Valenzuela and pays for the bills and food at home means I am still provided in a way. And now, I am free!

Thanks to my mom, of course, for being very patient and understanding with me. You have, indeed, raised us well. You have set a good example on how to be a good home maker. Well, I’m not starting a family yet, but my point is that you have been the best mother for me and my sisters so we can be molded into better and more responsible individuals as we grow older.

This is such an exciting journey!


  1. so so pretty siiis!! love this loook!!!! perfect pang summer! :)

  2. Simple, stylish and very comfortable get up!

  3. The cut-out details of your bag is LOVE. Anyway, enjoy your new adventure. Im sure Pampanga has a lot to offer to make your stay there memorable :)

  4. love your top! the whole look is so perfect sa napaka init na weather sa atin!

  5. Love your look and been meaning to tell you that you look amazing as you seemed like you lost weight and it looks good on you

  6. Looking good Gelleesh! I miss your OOTDs! :)

  7. One big leap indeed! Goodluck in your future endeavours and keep strong!


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