Thursday, October 02, 2014

On Becoming a Frugal Beauty and Fashion Junkie

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If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you should know that I'm one of them frugal girls even when it comes to my makeup and clothes. I believe that just because I am passionate about something does not immediately imply that I should be spending so much on them, right? There are many ways on how we can all still save money while enjoying the things we are passionate about.

Well... Let me share you some tips on how we can get the most out of the extras in our earnings. Yes... Extras. Keep in mind that as much as we're passionate about them, wants are still different from necessities. So, shall we start?

You might want to consider "online shopping"

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The first time I have tried online shopping was when Multiply was the "in" thing here in the Philippines. I first tried a meet-up (which often includes a handling fee) and when I have, finally, gotten comfortable with the idea of paying online, and of course I also considered the reputation of the online shop, that's when things start to be so easy and also way cheaper! Online shops would often have cheaper prices than the ones who have physical stores. Aside from that, they still have discounts like a nordstromdiscount code online, so you can get the items for an even cheaper price than it already is!

Be on the lookout for sales, discounts and bazaars

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I was once told that "sales" are just marketing ploys to make us spend more; but if you play your cards right, it will work on your advantage. If you are like me, who do not always have that ridiculous need to always get the "latest" then perhaps, patience may be your best virtue. You can go wait when there would be a bazaar next (bazaars are good places to get inexpensive items too), Google hard enough for some coupons like the ones from Photius wherein they're currently giving away nordstrom coupon codes for your online purchases, or wait for the next mall sale if you do not mind drowning deep into the crowd during those times.

Look for a cheaper alternative, if possible

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One thing I love about visiting beauty blogs is that they can find a dupe to expensive products you so want to try. This way, you can get a close enough products to what you originally want for a cheaper price. And after finding that cheaper alternative, you can do a combo technique to be able to get it for a more cheaper price... Enter online coupons! Do an extensive research as to how you can purchase a specific product for less like a nordstrom promo code that will really come in handy!

Remember that there are ways on how you can fully utilize your money to be able to get the things you want. There is nothing wrong with using some nordstrom coupons to save. True enough, you get what you pay for, but there are some life hack techniques on how you can get the good stuff for less. So are you holding on to your nordstrom coupons now?

Ready, set, shop for less!

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  1. I used to go for the more affordable products too but now that I am earning, my curiosity to try different products led me to purchasing high-end ones too. It's fun and you get to know so much about different makeup and the brands. But of course, it is important that your purchases are within the budget. There are tons of affordable makeup out there that are really good in terms of quality, you just have to have a keen eye for those. But that's what beauty bloggers are for! Lol

    1. That's why I love reading beauty blogs esp when they find a dupe for a really expensive product :D


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