Monday, October 13, 2014

OOTD: Let's Just See How We Go

"I didn't know where this was going, when you kissed me..."

Ever since my last relationship three years ago, I have been actively dating and taking risks. I feel like I was able to move on easy, not because I did not love him (because I did and our relationship lasted for three years), but because once I fall in love with someone I try to make it work until the very end long as there is still that romantic love in my heart for that person. In short, I held on until I was completely exhausted and the only option was to let go. And now, dating for me is like a journey and an adventure; I take risks, I let things go with the flow, I try to expect less, I fall, I get hurt, I hurt people... All of these happened and will happen because they're inevitable But if we do not take the risk, how would we know if this is it?

Blouse: Nicky | Kimono Cardigan: Nicky | Skirt: SM Surplus
It was an unexpected thing. We started out as friends just hanging out and enjoying our time together until that one night that we kissed and it was just magical. I know, I know, cheesy and totally cliche-ish but when it happens, it just happens and all you can say is that... it's magical. There was that spark that sends a signal to your brain and to your heart that you are willing to take the risk with this person and whatever happens, it will be worth it.

Shoes: Primadonna
"And even though it's moving forward, there's just the right amount of awkward..."

Moments with him are fun, amazing, and sometimes awkward; but it's what makes it all so interesting. Random kisses, holding hands, and that awkward stare when you have nothing to say but you just want to look at his face... I miss having this feeling. Well, I have been on dates before him. As I have said before, I have been actively dating; but there are those that stand out and makes it all worth it - this is one of those very few ones.

I don't know where this is going but I am happy. For now, that's all that matters.

Photos By: Ros Matienzo


  1. Ay! May kiss! Congrats may official na! :) enjoy the moment while the moment is there agree we will never know when it will all end

  2. Love the shoes! Oh and I'm happy for your new love life! ^_^ Haha.

  3. Kinikilig ako while reading, haha! Happy for you, sis! Kaya pala blooming, hehe. :)


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